Graffiti is a form of art that has grown over the ages. However, it is a problem that many businesses and homeowners suffer from. People who make graffiti may argue that it is a kind of art, while in reality, it is an eyesore, especially for someone who is bothered by them. Removing graffiti can cost money and effort and affects the integrity of the walls or windows by the constant removal of graffiti. Prevention is an effective solution to make sure that you won’t see any graffiti on your walls. We compiled some tips and tricks on how to deal with unwanted graffiti, either by removing or preventing it from happening in the first place.

Fill Blank Walls with Approved Artwork

Graffiti artists or taggers are tempted to show off their skills when they see a blank wall. It is like giving a child a blank paper and a pen, they will do whatever they like with it. Instead of leaving a tempting blank wall for taggers, you can hire a professional graffiti artist or painter to do visually appealing artwork. When the wall is painted, taggers won’t “ruin” the art they see, and you won’t have to remove unwanted graffiti every other day.

Choose Dark Paint Colors

A light-colored wall is similar to a canvas for graffiti artists that they won’t miss the chance to utilize. However, if you paint your wall or fence with a dark color, it will discourage them to vandalize it as it is difficult to paint over dark colors. Graffiti artists want their “art” to be recognized and it won’t be appealing on a dark-colored wall.

Repaint Your Wall Immediately

Recognition is important for graffiti artists, they want people to see it while they are walking down the street. If you found any graffiti on your wall or fence, remove it immediately by any means. These artists will try to redo their graffiti a couple of times, but you shouldn’t give up and keep on removing their graffiti as soon as you see it. It will dissuade any graffiti artists from approaching your wall again as they know their art won’t last for long on your wall.

Boost the Lighting Around Your Premises

Well-lit premises will discourage any type of criminals or graffiti artists from approaching your building as lighting will increase the chance of them getting caught. Graffiti artists like to be unseen while they are doing their work, but their actions would be visible to anyone if the area has proper lighting. However, make sure that no one can turn off the lights by installing their switches inside the building and putting them in a place that is difficult to reach.

Use Sandblasting Techniques

Sandblasting is a complicated procedure and you shouldn’t do it yourself; it is better if you hired professional cleaners. This technique is extremely effective against tough graffiti as it shoots sand at high pressure towards a painted area to remove the paint quickly and efficiently. Sandblasting is a popular technique used by professionals for graffiti removal in Melbourne, but sometimes they use steel shots, grit, and other powdered abrasives instead of sand. Keep into consideration that you might not need this technique if the graffiti can be removed easily.

Apply Anti-Graffiti Paints and Coatings

To prevent materials used for graffiti or tagging from bonding with any surface, you should use anti-graffiti paints and coatings. These coatings act as a barrier that shields your wall from any kind of paint to be absorbed by the concrete. There are three different anti-graffiti coatings to choose from:

  • Permanent Coating: these coatings are expensive but if they are cleaned and maintained regularly, you won’t need another one. They protect the surfaces from bonding with graffiti paint and they can be removed easily by a graffiti cleaner.
  • Sacrificial Coating: as the name suggests, this layer protects any surface from graffiti, and when you clean it with a pressure washer, you sacrifice the coating along with it. However, you need to reapply another sacrificial coating after cleaning.
  • Semi-sacrificial Coating: this coating is a mix of permanent and sacrificial coating. Depending on its condition, you can use a graffiti cleaner to remove graffiti, or you clean it off with a pressure washer.

Use Thorny Plants

Besides being eco-friendly, having thorny plants around your wall or fence will discourage graffiti artists from getting near them. They don’t want to get hurt or rip their clothes while doing their graffiti. Prickly plants are effective barriers against taggers but don’t put too many plants as they can be a perfect hiding place for potential offenders.

Install Surveillance

If you have the budget to install CCTV cameras along the surfaces, it would be an effective deterrent for any vandalism or graffiti artists who want to access your premises. Additionally, it will help you identify and report graffiti artists to the police. Alternatively, you can install an alarm system that will warn you when someone approaches your premises and scare them away at the same time if the alarm is triggered.

Graffiti Boards

Graffiti boards are large wooden panels that cover walls and act as a wall. If anyone drew graffiti on them, they can be easily replaced. However, if graffiti is a common problem, installing graffiti boards will be a regular expense. They serve as good protection for sensitive surfaces.

Graffiti is a common problem in Melbourne, but these tips and tricks will help you remove graffiti or prevent it from happening in the first place. By knowing how the psychology of graffiti artists work, you can easily discourage them from doing their art on your wall or fence. You can use the fear of getting caught to dissuade taggers from approaching your premises by surveillance or proper lighting. Using natural barriers such as thorny plants, or using anti-graffiti coatings can save you the headache of removing unwanted graffiti. You can use the help of professional graffiti cleaners to remove stubborn and tough graffiti that lurks on your wall.