PDF is a presentable file format. Since it is easy to scan and navigate, it is appropriate to use in the business setting. PDF is highly accessible on any device. You can electronically sign a PDF file. That’s why some use it for contracts. For confidential reports, it is best to add password protection to documents. But it is inconvenient to forget your password in an important document. Though you want to protect the confidentiality of your files, there are times that you forget the password you have created with a lot of things on your mind. 

Create a strong password, but you can easily remember. Use your favorite quote and saying to generate an acronym to use as a password. Add an uppercase letter, symbols, and numbers. To unlock password protected PDF, you need to have a tool designed for this function. One of the easy ways to do this is through an online tool. PDFBear is the best online PDF platform that you can find. Using an online tool is faster and saves your device space.

Features of PDFBear

Removing the password of your PDF with PDFBear has additional features that you can enjoy. The team has made the tool easy to use. It would help if you had a few clicks to access your file. PDFBear is a secured online PDF platform. Other than unlocking your PDF, your files are indeed safe from malware and viruses. Your files are safe, although you are working online. Since it is an online tool, PDFBear is accessible anywhere. It is compatible with most internet browsers as long as you have your files with you and a device connected to the internet. Though you can unlock most passwords, protected PDF can, in some cases, only the owner’s password can decrypt the file. On the PDFBear website, you can open your PDF files directly from their file server or Dropbox. This feature saves you time, and you don’t need to upload your files and wait for some time.

Easy Steps to Unlock PDF

It only takes four steps to remove your password from the PDF file.

  1. If you don’t have the file stored in Dropbox or PDFBear cloud storage, you need to upload your files online. Click on the Select a File to choose the file from your device. Another option is you can Drag and Drop the file, which is more convenient.
  2. Enter the password of your file.
  3. Click on the Unlock PDF button. PDFBear will remove the password protection and encryption of your file.
  4. You can now download the file to your device or share it through the link provided. If you are using PDFBear for free, make sure to save the file to your device. They delete all PDF that you worked with from their server after one hour.

PDFBear Offers Multiple Tools

You can enjoy PDFBear for free. They offer numerous services in 17 languages. One of the critical attributes of PDFBear is Optical Character Recognition or OCR. OCR converts scanned images of text to editable text that you can search. The most used function in PDFBear is the conversion tool. You can convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and images to PDF and vice versa. If you want to organize your files, you can use the Merge or Split PDF tool. You can also delete some of the pages that are not necessary and only add to your file’s size. 

PDFBear also has the Compress PDF tool that saves your file in a smaller size but still has good quality. For corrupted files, the Repair PDF tool comes in handy. Corrupted files are due to viruses or copying the files to multiple devices. You can also make simple editing and revisions without converting your PDF file to a convertible format. These revisions include adding page numbers and a watermark. 

Editing your PDF by adding shapes and text is possible. You can draw on the pages and highlight parts of your PDF with the Edit PDF tool. Other than unlocking your PDF file, you can also add a password to your files. You can use these basic features for free. However, with a small fee, you can use the tools with more advanced features.

Tips to Remember Your Password

Though PDFBear can unlock most PDFs, there are cases that some cannot remove the passwords. Try these helpful tips to remember your password.

  • ·When encoding your password, check the Caps Lock key.
  • ·Try the obvious passwords that you use.
  • ·Remember the time when you created the password. Think of the things or events that may be important to you at that time that you may consider using to create your password.

Final Thoughts

You would want to add a password to your documents for security and protection but forgetting it can be a hassle in the future. PDF tools are available to remove the password and decrypt your files. However, the tool’s capacity to unlock your files can also have limitations. Create a good password but make sure it is one that you will easily remember. PDFBear is available online, and the tools are 100% free. The steps to unlock your file is simple and only takes a few minutes. Other than unlocking your PDF file, they have additional tools to improve your PDF. Visit their website and see other functions that you can perform with your file. The accessibility of their tools made the non-editable PDF format more manageable. To work productively with documents, make use of their free resources.