These days, more and more people are gearing towards the avant-garde work-from-home (WFH) setup. This enables them to achieve work-life balance, eliminate stressful commutes, reduce their cost of living, and gain exposure to different cultures.

Are you working remotely? If you do, have you ever imagined yourself completing your tasks while overlooking a breathtaking sunset, sitting in a relaxing coffee shop, or riding a train to nowhere? All of these are possible with an effective mobile office.

A mobile office enables you to work and travel to different places whenever and wherever you want. With this, you’ll be exposed to new sights, scents, and sounds—elements that stimulate your senses and breed inspiration into your work.

Getting your work done in the same setting leads to boredom; constant change is stimulating and energizing. Even if you’re just traveling around two to three locations, it’s much better and more inspiring than staying put every day.

You’re probably wondering how to create an effective and efficient mobile office. Luckily, you’re on the right page. Here are some tips that may help you set up your mobile office. Read on to learn more.

Use Shipping Containers Storage

When it comes to mobile office structures, what should you pick: a mobile office trailer or a shipping container? For long-term use, shipping container storage might be a better option than a conventional trailer.

Compared to a mobile office trailer, a shipping container doesn’t require a chassis and other associated maintenance concerning its axles and tires. This will help you save on maintenance costs in the long run.

In terms of lifespan, shipping containers win the comparison game. It could stay up to 25 years in good working conditions despite constant relocation. Office trailers, on the other hand, could only last up to 20 years as long as they stay put in one place.

Shipping containers also perform better in stormy and snowy weather conditions. Also, steel is nearly invulnerable to leaks, preventing stormwater from seeping between paneling. Plus, shipping containers are highly customizable. You can turn them into whatever you want for your convenience. You can install workbenches, access doors, glass windows, heating and air conditioning units, etc.

Grab All The Devices You Need

Here’s a list of equipment your mobile office might need:

  • Laptop: Desktops and PCs aren’t suitable for mobile office setups because they require a consistent energy supply. You can use your car’s engine as a power source, but it’s too expensive because it’ll consume your fuel supply. Therefore, a laptop is the best option; you can bring it anywhere you want.
  • Internet Access: Today, plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots are available everywhere you go. However, it’d be better to use your own with a mobile hotspot for faster internet speeds and more effective work output.
  • Earphones: You’ll need these in a Zoom or Skype meeting. Also, they’re affordable and have reliable noise-reduction functionality. This minimizes background distractions, letting you play music at a lower volume.
  • Comfy Bag: Choose a bag that’s comfortable to use. Otherwise, it’ll only ruin your mood, and you might not feel inspired to finish your work.

Of course, don’t forget to choose high-quality devices with features that’d make your outdoor work experience better and more efficient.

Go Paperless

Even though you’ve shifted to a work-from-home setup, there are bits and pieces of paperwork left to deal with. These may include invoices, receipts, client contracts, notes, documentation, maps, and the like.

Since you’ll be working remotely, these physical files are no longer necessary. However, that doesn’t mean to dispose of them right away. Before you do that, make sure to create digital copies of them by scanning them using a scanner or a mobile scanning application.

By going paperless, you’ll be able to get rid of the clutter cramping your space and prevent losing essential files and documents such as contracts and agreements.

Don’t Forget Your Chargers

You want to make sure that all your devices have their own charger, whether it’s your phone, laptop, tablet, or printer. This will help you prevent technical issues that may affect the efficiency and effectiveness of your work.

But be careful because leaving your chargers anywhere can make your mobile office a snake cage. This may trip you and cause injuries. To prevent this from happening, tie up excess cables and always keep them separated from each other. You may also purchase a cable organizer online to ensure everything’s organized.

Tidy Up Your Little Space

Nothing’s better than a clean working environment. A tidy office space can refresh and relax your mind so you can focus on your work and execute your duties efficiently and effectively. 

Start by cleaning empty cans, bottles of soda, unnecessary papers, old pens, inkless markers, used coffee filters, used coffee grounds, and dirty tissues. Make your office environment as clean as the first time using it.

Here are other tips you can use to keep your mobile office tidy:

  • Empty your trash bins regularly to prevent smelly odors.
  • Spray disinfectant (e.g., Lysol) to freshen up the atmosphere and prevent disease-causing microorganisms from invading your health.
  • Always wipe your floors and other surfaces, especially when food is involved.

Create A Morning Ritual

A morning ritual is a healthy routine to start your day and keep you energized. Here are some simple activities you might want to include:

  • Reorganize things the night before the following day.
  • Drink a glass of water after waking up.
  • Read a book or newspaper before you start your work. 
  • List everything you need to accomplish within the day.
  • Always allot time for a workout. Jogging or brisk walking for 15 minutes is enough.
  • Enjoy a hot coffee and a healthy breakfast as you start your day.

Also, ensure a good night’s sleep to maintain your physical and mental health. This will help you focus on your work and keep your mood on a positive note.

Final Words

Setting up a mobile office is a great way to improve your working practices. It gives you peace of mind and exposes you to new surroundings that breed inspiration into your work. When you set up a mobile office, choose a shipping container, organize your devices, go paperless, and maintain a clean working environment. Also, don’t forget to create a morning ritual to start your day on the bright side.