If your patio doors stick, fog up or leak during rain, it’s time to consider replacing them. You don’t want to have a door that doesn’t slide smoothly or doesn’t have a nice look, do you? Luckily, it’s easy, affordable and fast to replace gliding patio doors with the help of professionals. Order patio door repair service and get your doors fixed really quickly. We are a team of professionals who love their job and get the biggest satisfaction when helping clients. We are ready to provide top-quality service and repair your patio door on the short notice.

How does ARAX Window Perform Patio Door Replace?

How does ARAX Window Perform Patio Door Replace
In this article, you can find out how we perform replacing of such a door so you can understand what our specialists will have to do. Read through the step-by-step process here:

  • The first thing that our workmen will do is measure the rough opening. This is the first and the most important step since the whole working process and the quality of the result will depend on accurate measurements. Our specialists will have to take sliding patio door measurements, its height, and width before ordering a new door for you
  • The next step that our professionals will take is removing the old door. They are quite heavy, this is why we never recommend our customers to do it themselves since it’s easy to injure yourself or damage the wall, floor or furniture
  • Once the old door is removed, our workmen will apply leak-proof flashing over the sill to make sure that there are no gaps where moist can be trapped. If this step is skipped or not performed at a decent level, the new door will get foggy, the water will come from outside and you will feel and hear the wind squeezing through the gaps. Flashing patio door excellently prevents water from seeping into the floor framing and making the glass look foggy
  • The following step is installing patio sliding doors. With the help of manufacturers’ instruction, our specialists will assemble the new door and make sure that it slides well, opens and closes safely.

If you are not a builder or doesn’t really understand how such construction works, it’s best to ask for professional help. Such doors can weight from 60 to 100 lbs which can be quite difficult to move and replace alone. Get ARAX Windows experts’ assistance and make sure that the job is done correctly and safely.

Also, there are quite a lot of tools are required to replace patio door and get the desired result. For example, you must have 4-in-1 screwdriver, clamps, drill, hammer, miter saw, tape measure and other tools. There are also special materials required such as flashing, PVC cement and sill pan, silicone caulk and wood shims apart from a door which can be quite difficult to choose yourself.

Get Your Old Doors to Patio Replaced Now and Enjoy Cozy Atmosphere Again

Such glass doors need to be replaced immediately if they leak during heavy rainfall or allow wind to come into the house during cold and harsh winter. The longer you leave the door in such a condition the worse its condition will be. If you don’t want to spend a big amount of money on new doors, you should fix the problem as soon as possible. If just fixing the crack or rolling problem isn’t enough, the door should be replaced.
Get Your Old Doors to Patio Replaced Now and Enjoy Cozy Atmosphere Again
By replacing the old glass door, you will be able to enjoy your interior and exterior design again. Having such modern and pretty doors in your house is not a hassle if you can detect little problems and take care of them immediately. It’s amazing to have such doors since you can enjoy nature, rain, show and have a lot of light inside the room.

High-quality Patio Doors Replacement Performance is Guaranteed

The service replacement patio doors will allow you to stay warm during cold winter days and still enjoy nice scenery outside. When you ask ARAX windows for assistance, you can be sure that the project will be implemented at the highest level. Get a free quote today by contacting our company via phone or filling in the online form at the website. Our managers will get in touch with you as soon as possible and consult you on terms, prices, and guarantees.

We are the leading door and window repair company in Chicago that cooperates with famous manufacturers and uses exceptionally top-quality materials. We have done hundreds of projects and willing to help you enjoy your time at home again.