The living room and kitchen are both strong contenders for the title of “Most Important Room in the Home” but the bathroom is right up there with them as far as most people are concerned, which is why so many homeowners are keen to make theirs as nice as possible.

Homeowners with relatively small bathrooms sometimes feel that there is little they can do to improve on what they already have but this is not true. If you have a compact bathroom that you would like to renovate, without spending a fortune in the process, you will some great ideas in this article on how to go about it. If you find yourself a general contractor with a proven record of achievement in the field of residential property renovations, you should be able to tackle any of the ideas below with ease.

Bathroom Renovations for Small Spaces: Inexpensive but Effective Ideas

Bathroom Renovations for Small Spaces
Follow any or all of the suggestions below to make the most of your small bathroom:

  • Repainting – The cheapest way to transform the appearance of a bathroom that has seen better days is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Of course, if your bathroom is fully tiled, this will not be an option but many smaller bathrooms have painted rather than tiled walls.
  • Replace Your Window Trims – Another inexpensive improvement you can make to a small bathroom that doesn’t take up any valuable space is to replace the existing window trims if they have seen better days.
  • Deep Clean Tiled Areas –Tiled floors in bathrooms can get very dirty over the years but a few hours of scrubbing will normally put this right. In the event the grout between the tiles is too far gone for this treatment to do any good, you can hire a local general contractor to fix the problem after you have completed the first stage of your deep clean.
  • New Blinds or Curtains – Window treatments are another cheap way to improve the appearance of your bathroom and, in common with the first three suggestions in this list, do not take up any space.

Complete Budget Bathroom Renovations for Compact Spaces

Complete Budget Bathroom Renovations
If you would rather give your small bathroom a complete makeover, below are a few suggestions as to what you can do on a budget:

  • Minimalist Bathroom Makeover – Following a minimalistic design will ensure that you do not overspend on your renovation project and will avoid clutter in what is already a small space. Think, clean white walls, a standalone bath on one side and a countertop on the other, and you will be close to the ideal minimalist bathroom design.
  • Simple Yet Effective Makeover – Hiring a general contractor to laying white tiles on the floor, install a new white pedestal sink and hang an attractive medicine cabinet on the wall above it is all you will need to do for a simple makeover of a very compact bathroom. The white tiles will make the room appear more spacious, the cabinet can hold all your essential bathroom toiletries and the sink will complement the floor tiles, giving the whole space a simple, cohesive aesthetic.
  • Fresh, Bright and Airy Makeover – The worst thing that you can do with a small space is to use drab colours to decorate it as they will make it look gloomy and even smaller than it actually is. If this is the case with your existing bathroom, brighten up the walls with pastel greens, paint the window trims white or replace them if they are uPVC, and use hanging wicker baskets for extra storage space for toilet tissue and other bathroom essentials. You may also like to invest in a new mirror with a nice, white wooden frame and some brightly coloured towels to add to the overall effect.

Whether you decide to use one of our ideas for bathroom renovations or come up with your own, be sure to hire a renovation company that can show you examples of their previous work and make sure they have comprehensive liability insurance, for your protection. It is also a good idea to decide how much you are happy to spend before you solicit quotations rather than after.