Storm winds can create a lot of damage. Roofs are frequently damaged during a simple storm, which can damage shingles and cause roof leaks as a direct result.

Sometimes, the storm winds are so strong that the roof could get damaged enough to need an immediate replacement. Given this situation, it’s crucial to know the dos and don’ts of assessing roof damage after a storm. Here are the most important ones you must follow:

DO Contact Local Roofing Contractors 

No one knows your home better than you. Therefore, you are the first to check the house after a storm to determine if anything’s missing or something isn’t right.

But sometimes it’s impossible not to miss something, especially if the damage can’t be seen with the naked eye. Because of this, you should always contact highly-rated local roofing contractors. They will know how to assess the true extent of the damage to your roof and how to repair or replace it.

DO Call Your Home Insurance 

One of the most important things you should always do if a storm damages your roof is to call your home insurance agent as soon as possible to ensure your insurance covers storm damage.

If your agent is excellent and reliable, you won’t have to worry since they always have your best interests in mind. Of course, it’s essential to consider that before deciding to file a roof claim or having a roofing contractor try to file one, you should always talk to the insurance experts first.

DO Get Repairs Done Sooner Than Later 

One of the most important things you need to consider before buying a house is the location. After all, there are parts of the United States, like Florida, where strong storms and hurricanes are relatively common, meaning that your house will probably get affected by these weather phenomena sooner or later.

Given this situation, a good move you can make to prevent the worst-case scenario from happening is to have different types of repairs made to the house and the roof as soon as possible. This will reinforce everything to the point where a storm’s wind would create less damage than usual.

DON’T Walk on a Roof That’s Damaged 

When storm winds affect your roof, it’s a common impulse to go up to determine how much damage has been done to this part of your house. However, this can sometimes be the worst decision you can make, to the point where you can end up badly injured.

Consider that when you check things out on an affected roof, there are big chances of water leaks and water damage, making the rooftop extremely unstable. Given this situation, the best thing you can do is call a professional to inspect the roof.

DON’T Hire the First Person That Knocks on the Door

When a strong storm happens, storm chasers appear. These are people who will go to your house and offer you what they consider a pretty efficient repair service, not only for your roof but also for different parts of your home that got affected by the storm winds.

If they show up, the best thing you can do is politely reject their offer and call a professional company. While these can cost more, they are provided by experts who will do the job well.

Final Thoughts

Suffering extensive storm damage to your house and property is a horrible situation no one deserves. However, with these recommendations, you’ll be equipped to handle this situation if it happens to arise. Always remember that there are trained professionals you can reach out to for every aspect of recovering from storm damage.