After installing luxury vinyl tiles (also known as LVT) at your home, you must be feeling satisfied. They look great and at the same time they are durable. Anyone who is looking for long lasting material for flooring of their home, nothing can match it. However, even though they will last long, they still need some maintenance every now and then. 

When you install LVT flooring make sure you take care of it. There are few preventive measures that you can do. Just read on to know more. 

Preventative Maintenance

You will always keep your floors clean but along with that if you can take preventive measures beforehand it will make your tiles last long, very long! You can prevent wear and tear of the floor by

  • Heels may cause dents on the floor and thus limit any foot traffic in heels on it.
  • In order to prevent scratches place non-slip pads beneath area rugs.
  • Clean up any spills from the floor immediately after it occurs, this will prevent staining. 
  • Place casters under the legs of furniture. This way pressure will be dispersed and there will be no dents or scratches. 
  • Always move furniture with wooden planks or sliders. 
  • Don’t sit plant pots directly on the floor. 
  • Use blinds or curtains to protect the vinyl floor from direct sunlight. 

Cleaning and Care

There is no doubt that vinyl floors are quite durable but if you take proper care you can be sure that they will last longer. The first thing you must do is sweep away any dust, dirt, loose sand or debris regularly. It may seem simple but if you do not do this then when there is heavy traffic then these dirt and dust will put on scratches on the floor. The beauty of the floor will reduce. 

In order to get rid of any stubborn stain or dirt, mop it after a regular interval. You do not have to mop regularly, but do it after a few days. This way it will stay clean. You must mop with clean water. Before you mop make sure that you have cleaned any dry dirt that was lying over the floor. If you do not do those then while mopping the dirt may put on scratches! You can add disinfecting solutions to the water in order to keep your home clean.