You may love bold colours and unique decor in your house. While it may suit your personality, it may not help you sell your house fast. If it makes buyers run for the hills, you need to tone down on your style. While buyers love updated homes, the new design styles should be timeless and trendy to make an impression. Let us look at some décor trends that are outdated and may keep your house on the market for long.

Accent Walls

Accent walls have been all the rage in recent years, with online searches rising by 35%. The reasoning behind accent walls is that a brightly coloured wall pops and makes a neutral space interesting. However, most millennials find an entire wall too large to be a canvas. Besides, if you decorate in a bold colour that does not appeal to masses, you risk losing buyers.

Instead of accent walls, use art, linens, and accessories to personalise the space. Even if bright colours are sometimes trendy, you should shy away from loud pop colours and opt for a subtle whisper of pigments. A buyer needs a neutral base that is easy to move in, and shouting red pigment means additional work of repainting.

Outdated Window Treatments

Vertical blinds saw their heyday in the 1980s, but nowadays they are a sore sight to the buyers. While they may have cost a pretty penny back then, they kill the vibe of a room. If you cannot afford to get new treatments, remove the blinds. Alternatively, you can look for sheer white curtains that complement any design or find a set of heavy dark velour panels. It would be best if you also avoided window treatments with patterns as they often look cheap.

Coloured and Boldly Patterned Rugs and Pillows

Bold and patterned pillows are trendy. However, they tend to become a focal point and make the place personal. While your personality can help sell your house fast, not all buyers will respond to your taste. If you want to splurge on pillows, stick to versatile complementary colours and patterns. A bold rug also overwhelms the small living room when rolled on the floor. If you have a sentimental rug, you should remove it before putting the house on the market. You can also stick to subdued and understated carpets.

Wrong Front Door Colour

Your front door often improves your curb appeal and gets potential buyers into the door. However, it is vital to choose a lovely colour palette. In recent years, yellow, blue, orange, and teals have been trending statement doors. Buyers’ favourites for front doors are red and black. While you may not enjoy the colours, they make a good impression and attract prospective buyers.


Bold wallpapers have gained popularity, as seen in the online searches, which is over 400%. Over the years, we have seen animal prints, tropical, and various patterns in a range of colours. Most people decorate their bathrooms or living rooms with wallpaper. While the trend is peaking, it is not an excellent idea for someone intending to put their house on the market. To appeal to a vast pool of buyers, you should present your home as a blank canvas. A buyer can easily envision themselves in a house with neutral shades and patterns. Besides, wallpapers make your bathroom look busy and tiny or add visual clutter to your living room.

Tiled Countertops

While tiling your kitchen countertops is affordable, they were a popular trend in the 1990s. They are making a comeback among people that love colour and unique counter space for their houses. However, it would be best if you rethought tiling your countertops before the sale. Your custom tiles may be impressive, but it will not bring out the wow factor. Buyers will be thinking of the amount of work it requires maintaining it like fixing the chipped tiles and cleaning the grout. The go-to countertops are quartz veined, marble, or granite.

Bold-Coloured Appliances

Colourful kitchens are making a comeback. The bold palette is charming and may match your personality. However, it may cause some prospective buyers to recoil in terror. For instance, not everyone would appreciate a screaming green microwave or bright red mixer. If you want to upgrade your appliances before the sale, go for stainless steel, which is a neutral kitchen colour.

For a quick sale at, We Buy Any Home, stick to trends that appeal to a vast pool of buyers. You should depersonalise the space and avoid following trendy decor too much. Styles that stand the test of time are a safe choice always.