Notice that your bathtub drain stopper isn’t doing its job? If you are unable to plug your bathtub drain, we have some quick fixes. However, don’t use these for too long and properly get your drain fixed by plumbers in Phoenix, AZ as soon as possible.

Use a Flat Lid

Use a Flat Lid

If you have a flat lid left over from a jar, such as a jar of jelly, this is usually the perfect size to cover the drain.

Simply lay the flat lid over the drain. Dampen the bottom of the lid and press down for a stronger seal.

Use Plastic Bags

There are a couple of different options for stopping your drain using plastic bags.

First, fill a plastic bag with water and make sure it is large enough to cover the drain. You never want to get the bag stuck in the drain, so always ensure it is large enough.

You can also use a wet washcloth and place it in the plastic bag. Get most of the air out and tie a knot at the end. Next, place the drain. This will seal off the water and be less risky than just using the plastic bag.

Empty Coffee Pod

Empty Coffee Pod

If you have any empty coffee pods or medicine cups, these actually work great to stop your drain. Sometimes these can be a little too small, so just use a thick rubber band for a strong seal.

Use Plumbing Putty

Of course, one of the best ways to temporarily stop your bathtub drain is to use plumbing putty. But this isn’t always something people have on hand. When all else fails, run to the hardware store to keep this on hand!

Working with a Plumber

Again, these are only temporary fixes. If you notice issues with your bathtub drain, call your local 2nd City Gas Plumbing Heating Birmingham to come out and inspect the situation. They will be able to offer a solution for every plumbing problem.

It is also a good idea to invest in preventative maintenance. This will keep bigger plumbing disasters from occurring, which can end up being costly.