There are various materials you can use on the roof of your home, and each one has a different life expectancy. Replacing the roof of your home is one of the costliest repairs you can face, so you will want to do everything you can to prolong its lifespan and prevent you from having to replace it. You can do many things to help you achieve this, and you will find some excellent tips and advice below to help you do this.

Clean Your Roof Periodically

You will want to give your roof a clean now and then and remove any debris from it, including leaves. If you do not get rid of leaves that build up on your roof, they can trap moisture, leading to leaks. Get some ladders and a long extendable brush and remove any debris from your roof before your roof gets damaged.

Clean Your Gutters

You will also want to clean your gutters once or twice a year and keep them free of debris. If your gutters get blocked, the water will not flow correctly and can build up and damage the lower areas of your roof. The best time to clean your gutters is the start of winter once the leaves have fallen, and if you keep on top of it, the task should not take too long.

Keep Plants & Trees Away From The Roof

Plants and trees can also damage your roof, so you will need to keep these away. Branches from trees can lift roof tiles when the wind picks up and cause damage and leaks to your home, so it is something you will want to avoid. You only need to remove these when they are getting close to the house. Ideally, you will want a couple of meters of space between tree branches and your roof. If you do notice any damage you will need to repair your roof immediately. 

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

You will also want to ensure that you do regular visual inspections of your roof to look for problems and damage. You can inspect it from ground level, but it is better to get up to the roof to look for any issues, and you will also want to check inside. Go into your attic and look for anything out of the ordinary or any leaks and call for Sydney roofing specialists if you find any problems so you can get them fixed quickly.

Look For Damage After Storms

Whenever you have a storm or high winds, you will also want to give your roof a quick visual inspection and look for any lifted tiles to damage. If you notice even the slightest thing out of place, look at it closer and ensure it is not going to be an issue, and if needed, find a reputable company to fix the problem for you. 

Follow the advice above, and you can help to prolong the lifespan of your roof and delay the costly expense of having to replace the roof of your home.