Did you know that some of the ordinary household products you keep in your pantry can actually improve the hygiene of your home? Certain health remedies in your medicine cabinet can also simplify your tedious cleaning tasks. Here are five tips for keeping your house clean and healthy:

Tea Tree Oil Is an Antifungal

While essential oils can’t quite replace your anti-bacterial cleaning aids, they can play a role in improving some of your cleaning measures. For example, tea tree oil is a wonderful anti-fungal treatment. Add a few drops to a small glass of water and soak your toothbrushes in it for a hygienic clean. 

You can also add a few drops of lavender to your bucket of water when you’re mopping the floor. The gentle fragrance will fill the house and create a peaceful environment. For a refreshing fragrance, opt for peppermint essential oil. You can dab it on a damp cloth when you wipe down window sills because it has the added advantage of repelling spiders. 

Clean Microwaves with Lemon and a Bowl of Water

It’s as simple as it sounds – fill a bowl with water, add lemon slices, and pop it in the microwave. The water in the bowl needs to reach boiling point before the magic happens. The lemon will leave the microwave smelling fresh. Finish by giving the inside of the microwave a thorough wipe down. 

Vinegar Is a Good Fabric Softener

Vinegar might be delicious on fish and chips, but it’s also a useful compound to keep in your cleaning cabinet. The acidity can remove stubborn residue from surfaces and disinfect to a degree. 

Did you know that you can also use vinegar as a fabric softener? Add a shot-glass of vinegar to your washing machine when you do the laundry. You can also prevent mold on new shower curtains by soaking them in vinegar before you use them (it’s important to soak them prior to use). Vinegar is a safe item to add to your cleaning arsenal. Combine it with essential oils if the odor is too potent. 

Use Boiling Hot Water to Clean Chopping Boards

Did you know that light switches contain more bacteria than toilet seats? Similarly, chopping boards are bacteria-havens, containing one of the largest concentrations of microbes. Think about it, the chopping board is where you prepare raw meat. Wood is renowned for being absorbent and it is generally fairly uneven, creating small grooves where bacteria can gather. 

A sink of hot water and dish soap is not enough to clean your chopping board and rid it of bacteria. It turns out that by soaking your chopping board in water at boiling point with a few spoons of bicarbonate of soda, you’ll eliminate any nasty microbes that might be lurking in the wood. 

Two Alka-Seltzer Tablets Can Clean Your Toilet 

Cleaning toilets has become a reference point for jobs no one wants to do, and it’s probably because our imaginations have us picturing toilets as teeming with bacteria. If you’re dealing with a toilet that is visibly dirty, toss in two Alka-seltzer tablets, flush the toilet, and fold your arms as you watch the bowl froth and fizz itself clean. It turns out that Alka-seltzer is super efficient at fizzing away dirt. 

Cleaning Can Be Simple

Cleaning the house might not be the most exciting task, but this tedious job is a little more rewarding with the right artillery on your side. Keep your trusted cleaning supplies close at hand and add a little music to sweeten the chore.