Is your interior design weighing you down? Uplift the mood in your home! Start with these creative and clever living room lighting ideas for every style.

Your living room, or family room, is where the family spends most of their time. Whether they are reading, watching TV, or just hanging out, you want this room to be comfortable and inviting.

One way to do that is through unique living room lighting ideas. The right lighting can change and transform both the look and feel of any room.

Here are some living room lighting designs you may want to consider.

It’s Time for Recess

Recessed lighting is functional and adds a highly sophisticated touch to any space in your home. While it may look complicated, it’s easier then you think.

There are two main elements to choosing the right recessed living room lights: the housing and the trim. The trim is based on your personal style, where the housing is the technical side.

Shake Up the Shade

Most lamps are chosen for the design of the base. However, you can make any lamp pop with a colorful lamp shade.

Whether you choose an eclectic pattern or eye-popping color, shake up things with this creative lighting idea.

The Spotlight

You may not have thought using a spotlight as a family room lighting idea, but they can be a great addition.

Whether you want to highlight a piece of art or a wall photo collage, strategically placed spotlights add a modern touch to your home.

They can be positioned at almost any angle and you can even use designer bulbs to soften the overall glow of the light.

Three Heads are Better than One

If spotlights are not your thing, you can still get a feel for targeted lighting by using a three-headed floor lamp.

These are not new to the decorating scene, but provide a way to move the light around in a room. These lamps come in a variety of styles and colors to match your specific theme or color preference.

The Bulbs Matter in Living Room Lighting Ideas

One thing to remember when looking into lighting is choosing the right bulbs.

The most common one is the incandescent bulb. It is the traditional light bulb almost all of us use somewhere in our home. It is slowly losing its popularity though.

Fluorescent bulbs tend to last longer than incandescent bulbs and they also use less electricity. However, they tend to put off a harsh, white light.

LED lighting is fast becoming the choice for new lighting options. It is highly efficient and does not transmit heat. Here are more advantages of LED lighting.

Making Your Choice

We all have our own unique style. Our homes are a reflection of that style. Most people may not give much thought to the lighting in their rooms as a decorative option, but it definitely is.

Creative living room lighting ideas will transform your space from a boring room that people avoid, to an open and inviting haven for the family.

Choose your new look today and wow them with this exciting new decor. For more design-centric content like this, explore the rest of our blog!