Every structure has a base, a foundation on which it is laid. Without this foundation, the building does not stand long and perishes quickly. So, it is necessary for a building to have a strong base for an increased lifetime. To make a solid base, the excavation process is necessary which involves shifting the rock and other obstacles of a site to make room for the foundation of a structure. The removal of rock is necessary before starting the construction on the site. Installing of plumbing and electrical system of the building is also incorporated in this process. We will discuss everything about excavation for your residential home or commercial project. Moreover, you can visit this site for all kind of excavation services, i.e. Vacuum Excavation, Suction Excavation.

1. Plan the budget:

The cost of the excavation entirely depends on your land. So, you cannot expect to get a fixed number from the contractors. If you have a land where there are fewer trees and the soil is easy to dig, the cost will be lesser as compared to land full of heavy boulders. The rate also depends on the area you are living in. But the experts can give you the cost ranging from 10,000$ to 30,000$.

2. Get the permits:

Get the permits

This is the first step and the most important one as well. If you are planning to start construction for your residential home or commercial project, you must have the right type of permit that is needed for the process to start. You can get the permit from your local council or you hire someone to get the permit for you. In excavation services Sydney marketplace, there are tons of licensed excavation companies that can get the job done for you. The permits obtained are for all the required jobs. The time from permit to permit can vary depending on the size of the project.

3. Inspect the licenses:

When hiring a contractor for the construction, you must make sure that they have the proper licenses for the job. Having licensed contractors shows their experience and professionalism. This helps build trust and a stronger relationship between you and the contractor. Checking the license is your job and it can save you from future troubles. A good reputable company will have their relevant licenses listed on their website. You are always free to check them out and hire the one that suits your choices. As it is a one time process, make sure you are careful while making a decision.

4. Site Survey:

Site Survey

Every construction site goes through this process. To make sure that the site is fit for excavation, its survey is done which saves us from many issues later on. A site survey is usually done with underground cameras, subsurface mapping, and concrete scanning. After the completion of the site survey, other processes can continue. A good site survey saves us from potentials risks. The ground can be loose or full of water content that can damage the building structure over time. Moreover, there are community power lines that can be damaged if not taken care of properly. Hence, the site survey provides a method for minimizing the risks in the excavation process. This not only saves time and money but also keeps you at ease.

5. Soil Testing:

Before starting to dig in, it is essential to get the soil tested from someone who is professional. If you do not have soil testing in your budget, you have to make room for it as it can highlight issues that can be dangerous for the build. Soil testing brings forth the chemical composition of the soil. Sometimes, soil can be hazardous for your family or your structure. Moreover, a detailed soil test gives us the bearing capacity of the soil. The area with less bearing capacity requires special techniques for increasing it. Soil testing can also provide you with the fertility of your soil and hence giving you the perfect garden for it. Landscaping Sydney projects have proven to be more successful in the areas where the soil was properly tested.

6. Safety comes first

Nothing is more important than your safety. If you are present at the site yourself and want to keep on a check, then make sure that you have all the safety gear with you. Excavation can be dangerous sometimes and can cause you trouble. Due to heavy cutting and drilling, there is dust everywhere and you need protection for this. Always wear a construction hat, a survey suit, and the glasses for complete protection purposes.


Excavation is an onetime process in the construction and we cannot reserve it. This is why this guide is here to help you with the preparation so that the process goes out smoothly. If excavation goes wrong, it can cost a lot to you. So make sure you take time in researching the right stuff before carrying on with the process.