There are a lot of great reasons to purchase Jackson Hole real estate. The standard of living being the number one. When you purchase in Jackson Hole, you will fully understand what you are having, with 97 percent of the valley being undevelopable property and the remaining 3 percent being mostly developed – Jackson Hole’s open spaces are tending to stay almost the same for the years to come. 

To make things easier for you, it would be best to have a realtor to help you with all the nitty-gritty of purchasing an estate. Below is a handy guideline when you want to buy Jackson Hole real estate. 

1. Decide on what you want

You have to figure out precisely what you want. Is it a condominium or a log home?

What do you want most – to be close to a ski area or near the town? What size of space do you require or want? How much is your budget?

Once you decide what you want, then the realtor can give you an estimate as to the price. They could even provide a list of what is available and take you to look at prospective properties according to what you want.

2. Search for the perfect home, condo, or land that suits your taste – have a realtor help you out.

Let the Jackson Hole realtors complete the task for you and do the extensive research. They are experts in this market. They know what properties are up for sale and how much each one is selling for. They will look outside of the conventional search and suggest new options that will meet your needs. They will handle your important business, so you do not have to do it on your own. They also tend to look at each property separately, know them by name, and then relate their ideas and opinions to you in a less time-consuming manner. The previews of homes, condos, and building sites in Jackson Hole real estate allow them to quickly and efficiently narrow down your search. They will not waste your time when you are searching for the right house. They have already listed any property that is for sale or rent. They will show you all available properties, regardless of who may own them. 

3. Time required to be spent on purchasing a home, condo, or land

Realtors strive to provide for the needs of their clients. Even if it takes them a week or a year, they will stay committed until completion. If you require to inspect one hundred houses before you decide, they will let you inspect a hundred. They will do their best to deliver property information that matches your needs.

4. Jackson Hole real estate has a thriving market value.

Realtors will provide you with a more comprehensive and extensive overview of their research and what they believe is happening in the market. One best thing about Jackson Hole real estate is that there are a lot of compelling reasons to believe it will continue to be a strong market. 

5. Is it necessary to have a real estate agent?

The answer is no; you could write the contract, use historical data to start negotiating the agreement, put together the final conditions report, organize and decode all of the title work, establish the inspections with the finest inspector, arrange the closings, have the appraisals or anything that comes up as they normally do. Or you may choose to have an agent do it. They do it every day, and they use their best efforts to do the right thing for you. They will provide you with real-world experience that will help you improve your decision-making.

Types of broker relationships:

Buyer’s Agent

When people buy houses, condos, or land in Jackson Hole, they ask their firm to represent them solely. This requires a different agency agreement that classifies the type of property you wish to purchase, which has a fixed expiration date.

Seller’s Agent

A seller’s agent acts exclusively for the seller. Most of their listing agreements have a Transaction-Broker Addendum that enables them to default to that form of relationship with the Home Seller and Home Buyer when one of their agents shows you an in-house listing.


As an intermediary, a dealer should reveal all known issues and deficiencies with the property, but they are working on behalf of both sides of the transaction. 

6. Discuss everything about purchasing with a real estate agent. 

Once you meet with realtors, you will talk it over and find the most appropriate organizational system for you. Then they will issue a statement recognizing your discussion and your decision. This is not a formal agreement. This disclosure statement does not obligate you to respect, honor, or agree to any of the terms. They will still settle for the original certificate for you as mandated by the laws of the state. 

7. Negotiation

Every transaction is unique, and the real estate agent will recommend you as to what they believe is a fair price based on what they know about the property and your purpose for buying it. 

If the property is so desirable, they may encourage you to work a full-price offer and buy it above the asking price and get it under contract. One special aspect of Jackson Hole real estate is their average asking price between 95% and 100%. 

It would be best if you did not show emotion outwardly to the seller or their representative. Tell them your degree of interest. If it is clear what you wanted and did not find it elsewhere, they will do it for you. They will make an offer to the seller below what they are likely to accept. 

Additionally, they have appropriate forms with modifications and addenda particular to Jackson Hole. 

8. What is earnest money? 

When a buyer and seller agreed on a property to be purchased, the buyer offers a 5% to 10% deposit, often wire-transferred to a local title company within two days of agreement. The earnest money is put into an interest-bearing account for you, then turned over at closing so that you can recoup your money.