When you’re looking at a potential new home, you walk around and try to picture your life in it. What will it be like to get ready for the day in that bathroom? Is the kitchen set up well for all the cooking you do? Does the living room get too much or little light for your lifestyle? Whatever you think about when you look at a new home, it’s safe to assume that’s what potential buyers will be thinking about when they look at your home.

This is why it’s essential to present your home in the best light possible, both figuratively and literally. As any real estate agent in Bowmanville will tell you, one of the first steps to doing this is to declutter your Bowmanville home. 

Decluttering is essential for many reasons, and there’s no area of your home that gets to escape this task. Too much clutter can make a home feel smaller than it is, which is the last thing you want when selling. It’s also important to pack away personal belongings and decor, as they prevent potential buyers from imagining their own lives in the space.

We’ve put together these tips for decluttering when preparing to sell your house. They’ll help you make your home one in which buyers will happily picture themselves living.

Don’t Forget About the Outdoors

When most people think about decluttering, they think about the inside of their home. But it’s just as important to declutter the outdoors to make sure your curb appeal is high. In addition to ensuring your lawn and porch are neat and tidy, if you have excessive outdoor decor, you can pack that away so you don’t scare away buyers before they even get inside.

Amplify Storage Spaces

You might think of your basement, garage and closets as boring places to store things, but they can be the first places people look. One of the biggest things people look for in a new home is the amount of storage, so making sure these spaces aren’t cluttered and stuffed to the brim is important. If your closets barely close and you can’t walk around your basement freely, take the time to organize your storage spaces, so they look spacious. Otherwise, you might give off the impression that your house lacks storage space.

Create a Welcoming Entrance

Some homes have smaller entryways. But big or small, it’s important to tidy up and organize this space as it will create the first impression when people enter. Ensure there is a sleek coat rack or plenty of closet space for visitors to hang up their coats. If you have excessive decor or photographs in your entryway, pack these away.

While your home is being shown, keep your jackets and shoes out of sight, even if that means inconveniently storing them in another area of the house. Potential buyers will be quickly turned off if they’re tripping over shoes in the entryway. 

Take the time to declutter your home and focus on these areas, in particular, to create a clean slate for potential buyers to imagine their life in.