Junk removal companies are making a lot of money as they charge a high price for the job. That’s the one major reason why hiring a junk removal company is not an economical option. 

Junk removal is a daunting task, that’s why it is removed and disposed of for you at a high price. However, it is not something that can not be done by a naive person. When you are low on money, you can take expert advice and get done with the job easily and effectively. 

If you are planning to remove the junk yourself, here are the 6 most practical junk removal tips that come straight from junk haulers.

Begin with setting a timer

Whether it’s junk removal or any other job if you wish to accomplish your goal begin with setting a timer. Take a look around and determine how much time the area would require to be junk-free. Set the timer, remove the distractions, and get set on the junk removal mission. 

Make categories of waste

A place can be crowded with many types of junk, it can have plastic, paper, electronics, and all other kinds of items. Keep in mind that each kind of junk requires a different kind of disposal. Therefore, you can not throw them in one trash bag. The best way is to make categories of the waste and gather the waste belonging to the same category in one trash bag. Double-check before throwing each item and avoid mixing things up.

Throw plastics, papers, and other kinds of junk in separate bags

As mentioned above, only the junk belonging to the same category can be kept and disposed of together. If the place is overly crowded with certain kinds of junk, you have to keep each kind in a separate bag or trash can. For example, the place contains plastic, paper, and electronic junk. You have to keep all plastic in one place, paper in another, and electronic(if it’s resaleable) in the resaleable items bag.

Resell the resaleable waste

Before setting out on a junk removal mission, it’s important to know that not all junk needs to be disposed of. Some items can be resold, recycled, and reused. All you need to do is determine what can be resold and reused. In most countries, electronic items, copper pipes, wires, soda, beer cans, etc are collected and resold. If you get a chance to collect such items, resell to make the disposal less tiring.

Send the recyclable items to recycle

If there are multiple kinds of junk, there certainly would be items that can be recycled. All the items that can be recycled should be collected and placed separately. The items would be glass, tires, paper, cardboard, textiles, batteries, electronics, etc.

Donate that can be donated

If you can send some of the junk collected to recycle or resell, the place must contain some items that can be donated. Look around carefully and determine what can be donated. Sending things to donation would also take a lot of burden off your shoulder.