Are you considering a move to Atlanta, Georgia? As one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, Atlanta offers a vibrant and diverse community. With all the features and qualities of the modern world, Atlanta, which is also called the Hotlanta, is suitable for people who want to live in a mixed environment of busy urban lifestyle and wonderful natural beauties. While Atlanta is so attractive to tourists and outsiders who are planning to move there, one must know every aspect of it before packing their bags. Starting from the weather of Atlanta, availability of necessary items, and many more facts, you need to have a clear idea of what you are going to experience in this place. Remember that something that might be a problem for everyone can be a good thing for you and vice versa. Are you planning to make your settlement in Atlanta? If that’s the case, then you might want to go through this article about the pros and cons of living in Atlanta along with the amount of money you might need to spend for your daily living.

Costs of Living in Atlanta

While the cost of living in Atlanta can be considered as a good trait, it is connected with the thing that I mentioned later in this article. Which is, because of a lack of public transport, you will need your private vehicles to have a quick journey to the nooks and crannies of the city. As a result, you might have to add an extra amount to your daily savings to get and maintain a vehicle. Meanwhile, the cost of buying an apartment in Atlanta is pretty reasonable. The taxes are low compared to other cities in America. For transportation, a Marta fare is $2.50 along with four free transfers within three hours. As for the costs of foods, a single person may need to spend around $3000/year, while a family of 3 will need to cost around $7000/year. After all, remember that your costs of living will heavily depend on your lifestyle.


Atlanta has a lot to offer besides just some wonderful views of the area. Honestly, it is confusing where to start. For a starter, the city has some of the best restaurants within many cities nearby. The foods there are surely going to win the hearts of foodies. With an aesthetic mind, people build lots of art centers for music, art, comedy, and other similar stuff. Meanwhile, there are many nightclubs, beer stands, and restaurants for spending your holiday. There are museums and art galleries and sports centers as well.

In terms of emergency, there are advanced hospitals in the city. Almost every apartment has smart fire control systems.


Every good thing has some negative traits that you must consider. For Atlanta, the very first thing you should keep in mind is the no pedestrian-friendly roads. The streets of Atlanta are build based on private transportation systems. There are not many public transportations, so; you will need to depend on your private vehicle. And you are highly likely to face much traffic on your way. And the street patterns are not so suitable to walk.

The next point can be a pro or con based on how you like it. We are talking about the weather in Atlanta. During the summer season, the air is mostly hot and humid. And when it is winter, the temp can go down below zero-degree Celsius. So, you got to prepare your clothes according to that, and your apartment must have proper heating and ventilation system.