The living room is always close to heart; it is the place where we spend most of our day time. Thus, it becomes crucial to make sure that there is perfect lighting available to brighten up space. Installing the decorative wall lamps could be a perfect idea for ambient lighting; most importantly to illuminate the large space areas like the living room. The wall sconces can help you to create a cozy environment. Decorative lighting in the home works to grab just like photographs and wall-painting. 

So, Let’s move ahead and know about some wall lighting ideas for perfect home decor: 

Keep It Always Tidy

Wall lights help to add warmth and comfort to the home, it makes your place more cozy and comfortable when perfectly installed. If your living room has high ceilings, then you can install the long pendants. And, if you are lucky enough to have a Fireplace in the living room right next to your cough, then wall lights can do a miracle that you can’t even imagine.

Design Amalgamation Can Do Wonders

There are multiple styles, designs, and materials available out of which you can pick any life you want. Always prefer to go with elegant designs, also, it is worth giving a try to complementary material. Wall light with a metal stem can help you to stay modern yet traditional at the same time. You can also try antique lighting for a much better look.

A Little Light Can Make Big Difference

There is no doubt that a little light can create a big difference in your home. With modern interior design updates, you can add traditional style lighting by adding bulbs or ceiling lamps to add more light to your space. 

Contemporary Looks Does Work

Never be afraid of choosing the lighter material with a modern touch. Whether you choose a horizontal design or Geometric design; both can help you to uplift the home decor. Downlighting could be a nice choice to add a  contemporary look to your space.

Secret Behind Downlighting

Prefer to install downlights for the areas like corners, sideways, and entryways. These lights help to increase the visibility in areas that remain in shadows most of the time. You can go for the combination of table lightning and wall lighting; this could be the best option to light up the poor, boring living space.

The Bigger The Better

When it is about ambient lighting, then ceiling lamps or light are not your only option. You can hang chandeliers, install floor lamps, and choose big, round lights to illuminate your space. Go for the modern artistic designs to give a contemporary touch to your space. 

Last but not least,

Bring the Garden Indoors 

With some wall lamps, you can add a character to your room. You can go for the decorative wall lights shaped like petals, flowers, or the other popular plants, this will help you to add natural touch to your space. Also, if you have indoor plants, it can work like a bliss,don’t mind highlighting the plants using dim lamps and lights, this will give a more classy touch to your space. 

In your living room, decorative wall lamps can work as an excellent home decor tool. You can choose the lights of any type, shape or color depending upon your style. Once you have identified what you want to install, you can place them around the sitting arrangement, corners, or anywhere you like to illuminate the space. So, work on the ideas mentioned above and provide a wide area lighting coverage to your living space.

Do not hesitate to experiment with lights, install your favorite ones to make your space more cozy and comfortable.