Are your old kitchen knives no longer cutting it? You should consider switching up to carbon steel knives. Keep reading for all the reasons why.

There’s nothing nicer than making yourself a delicious meal at the end of a long day. In fact, chopping up those vegetables will even release calming endorphins!

Unless, of course, you find yourself struggling because your knife is blunt. Using poor quality kitchen knives will make any culinary experience stressful and even dangerous. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the best cutlery knives in your kitchen.

A popular choice is often stainless steel. The metal of these knives combines a steel alloy with at least 15% chromium. But these aren’t the only great kitchen knives on the market.

In fact, in many areas, carbon steel knives are better than stainless steel ones. If you’re not familiar with this amazing metal then you’re in the right place.

Read on to find out all the benefits of using carbon steel knives in your kitchen!

1. Carbon Steel Knives Can Chop on Any Surface

If you’re cooking at home then most of the time you’ll use a chopping board. This will usually be plastic or wood.

But carbon steel kitchen knives can cut on a huge variety of surfaces without damaging their blades. This includes chopping on metal and stone!
Carbon Steel Knives Can Chop on Any Surface
They can do this because the carbon content of the knives means they’re extremely strong. So they can withstand contact with hard and unforgiving surfaces. And the higher the carbon content, the stronger they are.

2. They’re Easy to Sharpen

It’s extremely easy to sharpen or hone a carbon steel knife. This is essential for making your knife safe and easy to use.

You can sharpen your knives using a Whetstone or a Diamond Stone.

Honing your knives is all about ensuring that the blade is properly aligned. No matter how sharp your blade is, if it’s off-center or rolling to one side then it won’t cut properly.

Some sets of knives will come with honing rods but these aren’t essential.

You can hone it using your chopping board. Simply stand your knife on its tip on a chopping board and then draw it downwards angling to one side and then the other.

3. They Stay Sharper for Longer

You also won’t need to spend loads of time sharpening and resharpening your blades.

Carbon steel blades hold their shape for a long time. Another name for this is ‘holding their edge’. They’re great at holding their edge because they are extremely strong so repetitive use doesn’t wear them down.

In contrast, stainless steel knives require more frequent sharpening. That’s because the chromium in them actually softens the steels. So it loses its shape more often.

If your knives hold their edge then they will be easier to use on a regular basis.

4. Carbon Steel Kitchen Knives are Affordable

The cost of your kitchen knives depends a lot on the manufacturers, style, and size of the set. And they generally come with a fairly expensive price tag.
Carbon Steel Kitchen Knives are Affordable
But a decent set of kitchen knives is an investment. It will benefit your culinary experience and keep you safe while you work.

In comparison to stainless steel knives, carbon steel is often much more affordable. And this price difference doesn’t reduce the knives’ quality.

5. They’ll Stand the Test of Time

If you’re going to pay a higher price for your kitchen knives then you want them to last. Carbon steel will do just that.

It does require a little more care and cleaning than stainless steel. But if you do this properly they’ll last a long time.

Carbon steel is exceptionally durable. That’s why it’s also a popular material when making knives for outdoor use.

6. High Carbon Steel Knives Will Help You Maintain Your Food Hygiene Standards

As we’ve already mentioned, you have to take slightly better care of carbon steel knives over stainless steel ones.

This is because the metal is more susceptible to rust or erosion over time. And the hard blades can break or chip away if you don’t handle them with care.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Looking after your knives properly will make you safer in the kitchen.

It means you’ll treat your knives with more care and respect than you otherwise might. So you take more care when handling them and take the time to clean them properly.

The result is that your kitchen is more hygienic and safer than ever before!

7. They’re Environmentally Friendly

When you do eventually have to say goodbye to your carbon steel knives you can do so knowing that they won’t end up in the seas or in landfill sites.
They’re Environmentally Friendly
The metal of carbon steel knives is entirely recyclable. In fact, they may end up being melted down and formed into new knives!

So if you’re looking to do your bit for the planet, then these are the knives for you.

8. They’re Easy to Store

Having a kitchen free from clutter makes it safer, easier and less stressful to use. Having somewhere to store your knives is a key part of this.

You could use a drawer or knife block but these come with their disadvantages. Grabbing a knife out of a drawer with other knives is dangerous unless you use plastic sheaths on them. But knife blocks are difficult to clean properly so you will have to replace them eventually.

A handy alternative is having a magnetic strip in your kitchen. This looks amazing and is quick and easy to use. Simply pop the knife on and it’ll stay in place.

Unlike stainless steel, carbon steel knives are magnetic so they’ll work with this slick design.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for high quality that will last, you can’t do better than carbon steel knives from the best website for online knife sales. They’ll make any kitchen a safe and an easy place to dive into the joys of cooking!

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