Transforming Your Dorm Room: How to Create a Homey Atmosphere

College is the period when you move away from your parents and settle down in a small dorm room shared with other students. No matter whether you are going to spend here just one semester or all four years, you should feel comfortable and motivated using the room space both for studying and rest. Even though many students don`t spend hours over their essays delegating this work to such services as Speedypaper writing agency, you are definitely going to spend a lot of time in your dorm room. If you are looking for decorative ideas, we have some simple tricks for you.

How to bring the home atmosphere in your dorm room

Dorm rooms are used for different purposes: to sleep, cook (if you don`t have access to dorm kitchen), rest, study, hang out with friends, and party. Sometimes a great room atmosphere can inspire you for writing (unless you avoid this task with writing papers help), so we are sure that investing in your room décor is totally worth it:

1. Bring your favorite things

Moving away and leaving all the things you got used to can be hard, so bring some with you. It can be your favorite pillow, poster, picture of your family, guitar, or favorite books. Remember that your room space is limited though;

2. Organize the workspace

Even if you use helpful services like the ones described in superbpaper review or essay pro reviews, there are still many projects and assignments to work on. Your studying space may be the desk, window, or coach – it just needs to be associated with studying. Put there your school stuff, textbooks, and laptop;

3. Change the lightning

Light in the dorm is most often horrible and needs improvements. You can change bulbs to LED, bring a reading-lamp, floor lamps, or hang a light bulb garland. You should have at least three sources of light;

4. DIY

If you are a creative person and like hand-made stuff, you can decorate your room with things you`ve made yourself. It can be a plaid, pillow or a wish-board;

5. Add a carpet

Before your door, you can put a nice rug with a welcoming phrase like «Join the party» or «Go away now.» It is not expensive and will soften the visual weight of old furniture;

6. Remove furniture

An old table, wardrobe, and chairs that have been stored and used there for ages don`t bring any home atmosphere. Talk to the college administration about moving it away during the time you live there so you can add your stuff;

7. Add curtains

You will be surprised how warm and comfortable the room looks with curtains, even simple ones with no pattern. It will also hide the old window look;

8. Bring flowers

Put some flowers on the window sill and bookshelves to give some fresh shade and enliven the room. Make sure you take care of the plants regularly;

9. Change the mattress

Dorm mattresses just like other dorm stuff are awful, so bring your personal mattress pad to ensure long healthy sleep;

10. Put a mirror

This is one of the essential room elements, especially for girls. You can buy a full-length mirror that will make a fabulous addition no matter where you place it. Consider horizontal options as well.