Getting a high-end looking container home can be challenging, especially if you have a tight budget. Luckily, there are several ideas available to achieve a grandiose interior without denting your wallet. From redecorating window treatments and hardwood floors to adding accessories and new wall paint, these are just some of the primary solutions you need to realize.

Get ready to know some practical ways to bring elegance into your humble home. Check them out below.

Wall Paint

One of the most formidable decisions in house decorating is choosing the ideal paint color. This is due to its ability to influence the mood of the whole interior design of your home. If you seek elegance, paint your rooms in light gray or beige. However, you can still opt for bold and dramatic shades to add impact to each room’s setting.

Furthermore, painting doors in darker colors, like deep brown or black, is another excellent idea. This can actualize an expensive feeling without causing damage to your budget. Make sure to add some deep brown or black ornaments to balance the whole look of the space if you select this style.

Window Treatments

A home without window treatments will surely look cheap and unfinished. Apart from their use to give you privacy, they are essential for boosting the visage of your space. Thus, you have to be smart when selecting window treatments.

Yes, unlined flimsy materials may be inexpensive, but they look terrible and cheap. It would be best to avoid see-through curtains, but this does not mean that you cannot buy off-the-rack ones. Also, try looking for chain stores that offer reasonable classy lined draperies. Note that when it comes to window treatments, you have to stick with tasteful materials like linen, natural silk, and cotton. If draperies do not compliment your interiors, then try wood blinds.

Hardwood Flooring

Choose solid hardwood flooring over wall-to-wall carpeting if your goal is to give off an elegance factor. Why? The latter creates a warm, soft vibe while the former exudes a dashing home appearance, and the good part is, it will not break your savings. What’s more, the hardwood floor is an excellent investment since it lasts for an extended period. You can also laminate your floor to ensure lasting quality and easy upkeep.

There are many types of hardwood, and some might be costly than others. So to get most of your money, make sure to research first on which kind of wood would be best to match your dwelling and budget.

For instance, will it be a dark-colored or light-colored wood? Are you going to use oak or birch since it is cheaper than cherry? And the list goes on. You have to be meticulous in selecting the right hardwood to avoid any regrets later on

Proper Lighting

Most home contractors choose standard lighting fixtures that are probably similar to other homes they have built.

Nevertheless, your house should have some touch of designer light fixtures to add more panache to your interiors.

You might think this is the moment you have to splurge money. Fortunately, you don’t have to. The trick is to keep looking at second-hand stores and flea markets. You will surely get a piece that is unique and budget-friendly. Some items may need fresh paint or little buffing, but you will only need to spend a few bucks for restoration or remodeling: the result, exquisite lighting fixtures for your home.


Buying brand new but cheaper furniture just to save money is a big no-no. More often than not, putting cheap furniture together results in a crappy look. And this can falter your objective. Remember that there is always an alternative way, even if your budget is limited. You can see second-hand stores, consignment shops, or estate sales for quality and affordable pieces. You can also reupholster your choices to match your house décor.

Home Accessories

Most average homes do not have enough accessories to exhibit an elegant appearance. Some people may say that accessorizing homes would over-extend their budget, but actually, it is not.

There are several affordable ways to accessorize and still be within your budget. You can start by choosing gold embellishments. Gold is associated with wealth and luxury. Therefore, accessorizing gold picture frames, gold legged tables, or gold mirrors can instantly create an elegant vibe. But don’t overdo, for it might reflect a cheap-looking room instead.

Uncluttered Home

Surprisingly, our last tip to make your home look grand on a budget does not need any spending. What you have to do is to declutter and clean every corner of your prefab house.

Everyday sweeping or vacuuming and weekly dusting in your humble home can reflect a fancy demeanor. Regular tidying allows you to prevent any piles of clutter that can make a shabby-looking room. Doing this will not only make you feel better, it will also highlight the interior of your home.


Achieving a grand home interior is possible as long as you are equipped with the necessary information that you need. We hope that this page has been a great help.

Do you have any plan on renovating your home’s interiors soon? If yes, tell us your thoughts. We would like to hear your ideas.