Surrounding yourself with a piece of art can help strengthen focus and boost the levels of concentration span. It helps people appreciate things in life that are considered to be extremely less important for some. One of the best ways to make the interior of an office or workplace aesthetically appealing is to get mural wall coverings.

It is used by many interior designers to add life to the dead space within a room. The murals should be colorful and customized to the brand then it will reflect the type of positive energy to the overall environment. Kelly Taylor, CEO says “With Such versatility, quality and creative options, our custom digital mural wall coverings offer a wide range of visual experience to add the perfect finishing touch to your interior design.” 

Mural Wall Covering1

Met West is a company that designs digital mural wall coverings for people. People can get their designs and concepts printed easily. MetWest gives every artist a platform to transform their creativity into a piece of art that can be used within their household or workspace.

The company has a team of highly skilled professionals who have the required expertise to assist you with all your design needs. The professional team at Met West is likely to guide you regarding the color scheme or palette that should be used in accordance with the existing interior design. The mural wall coverings are designed in a manner that they not only make your room lively, but it is going to compliment the furniture, carpet, and other accessories that are placed.

The best part about Metwest is that you can quickly get your Custom designs to match your space. 

  • Your Own Custom Design & Concepts
    Turned into larger than life decorative works of art
  • We can help you with all your design needs
    We have an in-house team of professional designers
  • Color match, complement or contrast existing interior design
    We can match all Pantone or paint colors
  • Perfectly complement furniture, wallcoverings, carpet, and interior design elements
    We can now print on fabric too!
  • Create Wall Wraps, Murals, Super Graphics or Your Logo & Branding
    Brand your office with digital graphics, photographs or inspirational motivational word clouds
  • Easily Update Creative Effects To Match Season, Promotion or Event
    Give your office a seasonal theme or promote your latest innovation.

New and upcoming businesses can create their brand image with the help of digital graphics, photographs, or inspirational and motivational word clouds. We can help you promote the latest innovation that is being used in your office with the help of creative effects according to the seasonal theme. As we have mentioned earlier, we have a team of in-house designers; therefore, you can easily create the design for your mural wall covering with us. Alterations and changes can be made in accordance with your likes and dislikes. You no longer have to wait for the designer to be available as our services are accessible whenever you feel the need to do so.

Mural Wall Covering2

These wall coverings can be manufactured in any material from vinyl to specialty textiles. Some of the specialty films, Playa, Mistico, Canvas, Lucentezza, Liscio, Durable. Oro, Argento, and Piatto.

Create custom-printed films for your Glass, Walls, Floors, Ceiling & Doors.

We can incorporate any design to seamlessly match your requirements and the décor of your space.

From branding, through texture and pattern, to color and level of transparency.

As businesses can give their workspace a new theme each season, thus it provides employees with an extremely welcoming environment. Everyone needs a change in their surroundings, and Met West would love to do that for you. Show some trust as we have got you covered.


52” width print edge to edge

Interior and exterior applications


3 yards


Type II high durability, federal spec ccc-w-498-d

Flame rating: Class A: ASTM E-84

Tunnel test NFPA life safety code 101

Made with low voc vinyl

Tested per CA-1350 Air Quality Standards

Cadmium and lead free formulation

*Please check for individual products