Bathroom is probably one of the most important parts of the house. You spend rather much time there; it has to be comfortable and pleasant to use. So, when it comes to decorating it, the more things you can think through, the better. By the way, a nice approach would be to use a bathroom planner for trying your decorator ideas before bringing them to life.

So, as for the tendencies – just like the other rooms, this one follows the rule of maximal naturality. The main idea of decoration is transferring the outer world inside – with the colors and forms. So, the best method to achieve it is using natural materials for decorating. What should and should not be included into the interior of the modern bathroom? Let us figure it out.

Fashionable furniture made of wood and glass is very appreciated in the décor. Also, the complicated patterns and bright colors are a no go. The most popular furniture models come without legs, they are supposed to be hung on the wall. The finishing can be either atlas or matte. Marble material and ornament is very hot right now. So, make sure to consider using it in your design.

What about the tile?

It is no secret that the most popular and practical material for the walls and floor in bathroom is tile. But there is fashion in that too! More and more often we see big-sized tile of pastel (especially grey) color looking like concrete. And sometimes it has some thin lines of gold or silver imitating marble.

The pattern used in the tile should be as simple and minimalistic as possible. You do not want it to look too heavy. If you have doubts about the tile you want to pick, try it in, and then make your final decision. The same goes for all the furniture and décor elements.

There also is a trend for 3-D tile. It is one with protruding image. Various geometric figures, abstractions and imitations of natural materials – all of it is going to be of high demand. And the hardest task is to pick one that will have an ornament but will still keep it on minimalism side. However, if you fall in love with some pattern, there is always a way to make one wall different from the other ones. You just make a bright wall – and the others contrast with it making the whole tone of the space mostly calm.

Use these pieces of advice, experiment on the execution – and enjoy your modern and high-fashion bathroom!