The Bangladesh High Commission stated that people with origins in Bangladesh should be allowed to enter the country, without a visa. If an individual has Bangladeshi origins, their spouse and children can entire the country following the same, no visa required rule. The only challenge for most people will be proving their origins but since the process only asked for a connection between the parent and child, it can be handled quite easily.

How does the No Visa Required stamp work?

The stamp is put on a passport belonging to an individual who is a national of another country. If Foreign passport holders want to travel to Bangladesh, they need a stamp on their passports that allows them to make the trip without having to apply for a visa each time. Furthermore, they can stay for as long as they want in Bangladesh during these trips. The ​NVR seal​is valid for as long as the passport is valid and can be renewed when applying for a new passport. In most cases, the visas that are provided are machine-readable visas (​NVR visas​) and can be scanned and detected by a computer which passing through any airport.

How do people apply for the NVR stamp on their passport?

The process of getting the stamp is not difficult at all as long as people can prove that they are of Bangladeshi origin. The High Commission has also created a website for people to coordinate this process without having to leave the house as much as they would otherwise have to.

People have to fill out a couple of documents and either mail them or upload them to the website. Furthermore, the entire process can be coordinated through ​MRP Passport​.They then have to back up these documents with supporting certification and Government approved documents for the High Commission to verify if the information provided matches.

If everything is alright and all details check out, the passport would be sent back with the stamp. It takes the High Commission about a week to stamp the document and send it back, depending on the validity of the details and certification sent over.


While there are multiple documents needed for this process, the primary ones are mentioned below:

  • The application form filled out with details that match documentation handed in
  • Receipt of the registration fees, showing that the fees have been paid
  • The necessary certification and documentation
  1. Original passport with minimum six months validity.
  2. Proof of Bangladesh origin:
  • Fresh applicant – certified copy of Bangladesh passport, national identity card, birth certificate
  • Children born outside Bangladesh – original and a copy of the birth certificate, certified copy of Bangladesh passport (valid or expired), and national identity card of father or mother
  • Foreigner spouse – original and certified copy of marriage certificate and a certified copy of passport (valid or expired) or national identity card of spouse
  • NVR endorsement on the previous passport- a copy of the old passport with the NVR endorsement page.
  • Two photographs that have to be taken in less than six months

If the documents were sent through the mail, the applicant should send a self-addressed, pre-paid registered return envelope which needs a signature on delivery or arrange for a pre-paid return courier to make sure that they receive their passport after it has been stamped.