It’s already the middle of November. And the official holiday season is just around the corner. Some families like to start early on those cute, little DIY Christmas decorations while some go a little too far and opt for a complete makeover for their house, professionally done. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing?)

Every Christmas we give presents to our friends, kids, families, co-workers and sometimes literally everybody we know. While flower wreaths and stockings are de rigueur every Christmas, it’s time to give your house a present by adding little elements towards its beauty that will last way longer then this holiday season.  

To help kick-start your inspiration, feast your eyes, we have some ideas for your house Christmas décor. We’re sure that you’ll find something to make your Christmas spirits merry and beautiful.

1. Add shade to your backyard

Though we all love the winter sun, when it shines and we never want to miss the beautiful sun rays, but still adding some elements of shade into your backyard, this Christmas would appeal to aesthetics. If you don’t have an undercover patio, or huge trees to provide shade, you can always consider investing in a gazebo. 

The gazebo is great. They add beauty and benefit to your backyard. You can sit, read, relax, or enjoy a cup of tea in the winter sun, without getting an uneven suntan. This could be a great spot for your book reading clubs or cheese and wine therapy. Installing a gazebo instantly adds an outdoor charm and space that comes with its shade and protection from the natural elements.

You can also consider adding Awnings as well for getting a shade. A quality awning should last up to 20 years, so it could be a very worthwhile – and cost-effective – investment.

2. De-weed your lawn and add small elements

Weeds can make the prettiest of gardens look ugly. This Christmas, embark on a good de-weeding session a week before the holidays. 

Remove the weeds by hand. Make sure to pull them out from the roots. This will prevent them from growing back. Don’t forget to inspect the pathways for weeds as well. Pull them out and apply a fat dose of good quality weed killer.

You can also enhance the appeal by adding small elements like Bird feeders, Garden Arbors, outdoor barbeque, and more. Explore all these products at Aleko.

3. Add a fabulous Fence

Fences are a classic décor element. The right fence not only serves as a security measure, but it can also transform your backyard into a courtyard. Choosing the right fence can be an overwhelming task. There are wide arrays of fences available in the market. But don’t worry; all you need is to get organized. Write down on a piece of paper the vibe you are aiming for. Browse through pictures of fences and backyards for inspiration. Imagine some looks and then break down your option concerning your budget. And Voila! 

If you have an existing fence in need of a facelift, some basic repairs here and there with a lick of paint can work wonders.

4. Add Barbeque Set up along with some fairy lights

The holiday season calls for backyard barbecues and alfresco dinner parties Add some décor elements like fairy lights along with a barbeque grill and accessories to ensure that our family and friends can enjoy the fantastic climate in comfort.

5. Don’t forget to mow the lawn before.

The first and primary step is to move the line. Get that grass to an even height so the worms and snake do not dwell inside.

6. Install a cozy pet house along with warm blankets

Our beloved pets love to play in the sun during the day. So, they deserve their own private space. A beautiful wooden pet house can enhance the appeal of your backyard along with being a private space for your loved little buddy. Add some pet plushies and a blanket to make it a playhouse for your pet.

7. Add Furniture to your patio

Hanging around in your backyard will become cooler this Christmas when you will add a hanging swing bench or chairs to your patio. You must have seen these popping up everywhere, from your Instagram feeds to luxury magazines. Such furniture gives a bohemian aesthetic to your home.

Aleko products enhance your home with an appeal. We have a whole range of pet houses, awnings, gazebos, swing benches, etc. Visit our website today. We offer free consultations, so go ahead and give us a call.