The spring and summer months are when household pests are at their worst. It is inevitable that you will have pests in your home at some point wherever you live in the USA. However, there are certain things you can do to reduce the likelihood of unwanted visitors in your home. Pests range from larger creatures such as rats and raccoons to smaller insects such as cockroaches and termites. Then there are the dreaded bedbugs, which are among the most difficult to eliminate.

If you suspect you have a pest infestation of any kind, we recommend you call in the professionals to assess the situation. A good example of an established pest control company is Majestic Pest Control of Melville, which has a reputation for excellent service and great results at sensible prices.

So, what are the most frequently seen household pests in the USA, and what can you do to discourage them from choosing to live in your home? Thats what were going to be talking about in this article, so lets begin by looking at the most likely pests to trouble you.

What are the Common US Household Pests? 

If you look at a list of the most common US pests, you are likely to be familiar with them all. Perhaps the most common of all is the cockroach. These annoying and fast-breeding insects are extremely hardy and can withstand any weather conditions. If you have one cockroach, you certainly have many, so talk to an expert if you see one in your home.

Also commonplace are mice and rats. There is a saying that we are never more than a few feet from a rat. This is likely true in towns and cities but perhaps less so in the rural areas. Wherever you live, however, rodents are not something you want in your home. They will chew through electric cables, which can result not only in a power failure but in fires, so they need to be eliminated quickly.

Ants may be fascinating creatures when kept for observation, and as there are many different species, they are commonplace in homes. Then there are bedbugs, termites, and even birds nesting in the loft. The purpose of this article is to talk about pest proofing – well give some tips on some of the common pests in a moment – so lets look at where to start when making your home undesirable for pests. 

Where Do I Start Pest Proofing? 

The place to start is inside the home and, most importantly, in your kitchen. This is where you prepare food, and food is among the primary reasons that pests enter your home. Now, like all families, the likelihood is that you occasionally leave waste food on a work surface. This is the first thing you need to stop doing. 

Leaving food out attracts just about every conceivable type of household pest. Waste food should be disposed of correctly in an outdoor bin with a sealed lid and fresh food in sealed containers rather than flimsy bags. Youll be surprised how easily mice and rats can get into packets! Now we want to move on and talk about other things you can do to prove your home against different types of pests. 

Tips for a Pest-Free Home

There are many steps you can take to pest-proof your home, so start with our advice about the food above. Lets talk now about mice, rats, and rodents in general. One of the biggest problems with mice especially is that they can fit through surprisingly small cracks and other spaces. When we say small, we mean really small!

Go around the outside of your house and look for cracks or gaps in brick and woodwork. Seal these with a regular sealant available at your hardware store. You will miss some, so it might be worth getting your local pest control company in to complete a full survey. Where you have air bricks – or other ventilation – cover them with strong mesh with extremely small holes. 

Mice and rats will find any possible entry into your home and are wily creatures who dont give up!

If you see a mouse in your home, its more than likely you have many. A female newborn mouse reaches maturity in just a month and will then breed. A small group of mice can become hundreds very quickly and will cause a lot of damage. Traps will never catch them all, so do consider professional extermination.

Cockroaches come in to seek food, warmth, and a dark and cozy place to nest and breed. Again, they breed very quickly. Make sure your bathroom is dry quickly after use – and your kitchen too – and if you see a cockroach, you have a problem. There are off-the-shelf products that claim to eliminate them. Some users report success; others say they wasted money and had to resort to professional help. Roaches are notoriously difficult to get rid of, so we suggest talking again to your local pest control experts.

Bed bugs have enjoyed a massive revival in the USA. This is because more people travel internationally than ever before. These tiny creatures are not dangerous, but you dont want them in your house. They will live in the crevasses and folds of your bed and bedding, and in many cases, an infested mattress simply has to be burned, and the house fumigated. If you have guests from abroad, be prepared for bed bugs.

The above are just a few of the household pests you may experience, and there are many more. Wed like to finish by reiterating why you may be wise to consult a professional about pest-proofing your home. 

DIY or Professional Pest Elimination? 

If you want the best and most pest-proofed home possible, you should seek professional advice from your local pest control experts, as they will have the best advice for your home and will be able to help you keep pests at bay best extent.