With the beginning of summer, most people look for affordable services to paint and remodel their houses. This can become an overwhelming task, especially when you have no idea about the pricing conditions. 

The fundamental pricing depends upon the location, the contractor, availability, and several other factors. It is best to determine and evaluate the average cost of painting to adjust your budget and avoid overspending. There are numerous contractors and companies offering painting services near Denver. For instance, the cost of painting both exterior and interiors offered at https://apfpainters.com are easily affordable.

How to estimate the cost of painting?

Before estimating the budget to get your house painted, you need to consider various factors that may increase the pricing range. These factors can either add to or lower the average costs to paint either the entire house or a portion of it. Some of the aspects that you need to study before estimating the costs are mentioned below.

  • Size

The size and type of your house matter when it comes to calculating the average prices. Each type of house may require a different painting methodology to cover the siding and trim of substrates. Varied housing structures include single-story houses, duplexes, ranch-style houses, bungalows, villas, and so on. 

On the other side, each of these houses varies in magnitude and proportion. For instance, a small house usually has dimensions measuring somewhere between 1000 and 2000 Sq ft, while medium-sized houses measure between 1500-and 2500 Sq ft. On the other hand, large-sized houses are somewhere between 2500 to 3500 Sq ft.

  • Condition

It is important to determine the condition of the house before evaluating costs. The pricing range may change based on the extra work, repair, and replacement required for substrate before the actual painting work can begin. 

For instance, if your house is in excellent condition and has been regularly repaired and painted once every 8-10 years, you are likely to pay fewer costs when compared with poor condition houses with sinking, peeling old paint, deteriorated surfaces, and hasn’t been painted in over 15+ years. However, this type of house may require additional repairs, fixation, faded and peeling paint, and replacement which can add additional costs anywhere from $200 to $1500.

  • Complexity

Complexity refers to the level of difficulty faced while getting the job done. For example, high walls, higher elevations, cracked substrates, bare substrates, etc., can inflate the cost of painting the house. Additionally, the delamination, surface grinding, and spot priming of surfaces before beginning with the main task increase estimated costs. 

Furthermore, the number of coating, location of the house, siding around doors and windows, usual wear and tear of wooden surfaces, caulking, pre-painting preparation such as taking, washing, etc., and angles and details of the house can intensify the complexity thereby adding to the total cost.

Cost of painting interior of the house in Denver

Typically, contractors or painters in Denver typically charge the approximate cost per hour is between $35 to $70 for painting interiors. Some contractors may charge between $1.5 to $4 per square foot, which may fluctuate depending upon the type of paint used, number of rooms to be painted, number of coatings, Furnishings to be shifted, etc. 

Additionally, for a general 12×14 ft room, the prices range between $900 to $2,000. The below table indicates the approximate pricing values depending on the dimensions of the housing interior.  

Type of interior

Dimensions ( typical height of 8-foot ceilings )

Approximate cost

Living Room

12×18 ft

$1,200 to $2,600

16×20 ft

$1,700 to $3,300

22×28 ft

$2,100 to 5,100


10×10 ft

$500 to $1,500

12×12 ft

$600 to $1,900

14×16 ft

$1,200 to $2,500


5×10 ft

$600 to $1,200

10×16 ft

$800 to $2,400

12×20 ft

$1,100 to $3,200


6×9 ft

$500 to $1,300

7×10 ft

$600 to $1,400

8×12 ft

$700 to $1,600

Dining room

10×12 ft

$600 to $1,500

12×16 ft

$900 to $2,500

14×18 ft

$1,100 to $2,700


12×20 ft

$1,300 to $3,100

20×20 ft

$1,500 to $3,600

24 ×20 ft

$1,700 to $3,800

Cost of painting exterior of the house Denver

The average base amount charged typically by contractors in the Denver metropolitan area to paint the exterior of the house is between $2.00 to $4.00 per Sq ft. The prices may fluctuate based on the size and design of the house to be painted. 

Most contractors charge an hourly rate of $35 to $70, including painting exterior doors, windows, porch, brick lawn, etc. On average, the suburban houses located in Denver cost around $3000 to $6000+ for painting exteriors. The estimated pricing range based on the measurement of the exterior area is listed below.

Total area in Sq ft.

Approximate cost of painting


$1,300 to $3,000


$2,000 to $4,500


$2,500 to $6,200


$3,200 to $7,500


$3,900 to $9,500


$4,500 to $10,700


$5,300 to $12,300


$5,900 to $14,000


$6700 to $15,500


It is essential to evaluate the average cost for repainting the house before contacting individual contractors or companies. Once you have estimated the average cost based on the size, several rooms or single substrates to be painted, location accessibility of your house, type of paint to be used, etc., you can talk it out and negotiate with the contractor. 

Make sure to confirm the final cost from your contractor for the entire process of painting, including material, labor, and other costs, to avoid conflicts.