Building and construction are not the easiest projects one can undertake whether you are building a single home unit, a whole block of apartments, or just doing renovations. Since it is crucial to obtain planning permissions, which vary depending on the magnitude of the project, then you need to seek the services of professional planning consultants.

So, who are these experts? They assess the viability of a project and prepare planning applications, help in negotiations for planning permissions, and advise on the revisions required by the authorities among other roles. Basically, they have several roles related to the sustainable development of your building project.

These professionals charge a fee for their services, which varies from one company to another and from one project to another. You need to understand how much you will pay these experts for the services they will offer. So, here is a guide on planning consultants’ fees.

Average Planning Consultants’ Fees

Depending on the planning consultants you choose, the fees will be charged either per hour of work or per project phase. The good thing is that you can negotiate based on the circumstances and conditions surrounding your project.

The fees for the construction of new structures are higher at typically up to 2,000 pounds for two-story structures when all costs are included. But this price could go higher depending on the size of the new structure and other factors we will discuss below. There might be other costs, so it is best to get a quote from your preferred consultants.

Loft conversions that are labor-intensive projects and in need of clear permission applications might cost as much as 1,000 pounds for the entire project. This means that the experts will take charge of planning permissions applications and supervise your project as well. However, this figure is not set in stone as the cost might be lower or higher based on certain variables.

Determinants of Planning Consultants’ Fees

As mentioned, the planning consultants’ fees vary significantly depending on a number of factors.

  • Experience of the planning consultants – Experts who have practiced for many years have enough experience to handle your planning permission applications smoothly. They tend to charge more compared to rookie professionals. However, there are many experienced and reputable companies such as Humphreysandsons who will save you a lot of money especially if you hire them to offer building services as a package.
  • Size of the project – Obviously, a client who is building a mega condominium will pay more for planning consultancy compared to a homeowner who is doing a simple loft conversion. The size of the project determines the planning consultants’ fees you will pay.
  • Roles they will take – Some planning consultants only come in before building commences to help with the planning permissions, and then their work is done. Others are involved in the supervision of the project from the beginning to the end. The two arrangements have different costs with the latter costing more. It is up to the client to decide how intensely the professionals will be involved in the building of the project.
  • Region – Where the project is based will obviously determine the planning consultants’ fees. For instance, the planning consultancy fees in the UK and bordering regions are an average of 100 pounds for simple feasibility reports and up to 2,000 pounds for detailed planning permissions applications before the construction commences.

Knowing the Actual Cost of Planning Consultants’ Fees

With the advancement of technology, architecture firms that offer planning consultancy and independent consultants frequently have a cost calculator on their websites to give clients a rough estimate of planning consultants’ fees. The calculator requires you to make various entries such as the type of project, estimated cost, dates, and many others. Once you make the entries, it will give you an estimate in a currency of your choice.

However, for the most accurate planning consultants’ fees, it is best to get a quote from the planning consultant or the architecture company. They are always ready to converse with clients to understand the project at hand and prepare an accurate quote.


Knowing the planning consultants’ fees is easy with the above guide, but there is still more you need to know. As mentioned, the best and easiest thing to do is get an accurate quote. Then, you may even be able to negotiate a discount from the service provider.