Balustrade designs are a popular solution for their diverse range of purposes. They can complement modern living rooftops to classical balconies. Their popularity is due to their strong and durable qualities while donning a sleek and minimal look. Compared to other screening options, the glass balustrade effectively lifts the aesthetic appeal of the property.

Moreover, balustrade ideas are not restricted to residential spaces only. They are regarded as a valuable addition for commercial areas as well because of the level of sophistication balustrades bring. However, for them to be utilized for the maximum effect, designers and homeowners should intelligently consider how to use balustrades. This article will be your guide in deciding some of the factors while selecting the perfect balustrade for your plan.

1. Style and Aesthetics

Owners want their projects to embody their personality and preferred fashion sense. Designing a balustrade comes with a wide range of alterations which can be divided into three broad categories: post, frameless, and point fixed. Each different system offers a different look and aesthetics.

Hence, you would need to be clear what is your prioritized theme around the house. If you are flirting with an open house plan or want to capture the outdoors scenic landscape better, then you should equip your balconies with a frameless balustrade with the bare minimum of interruptions. Likewise, if you want a more elegant contemporary indoor staircase then you can use a post balustrade with stainless steel handrail finish.

2. The Purpose

You should be clear about the priority of installing a balustrade: an aesthetic décor or for safety reasons. This will help you to decide what system of balustrade to consider. Allocating a balustrade for security purposes does not mean you are settling for an eyesore. It will help you decide what kind of frame, glass, height, or fixing you should opt for. Luckily, every system combines functionality and ornamental attributes. However, which one is ideal for you depends on your intent.

3. Location, Location, and Location

The last factor, but equally important, is the location of the property where you want to install the balustrade. The design and specification of the balustrade will be tailored according to its location; hence, the placement should carry a lot of weight in your decision. For example, a balustrade system installed on what type of base or ground will establish what kind of design you should opt for.

If the balustrade system is placed outside, you should be wary of what kind of weather the design would be exposed to. Glass balustrades in coastal areas, or surrounding an outdoor pool, need to be more water-resilient and durable in humid conditions. Fiberglass framed balustrades are better suited for decking or pool spaces.

However, stainless steel-based point fixed balustrades might hold more value indoor as they are schemed to seamlessly compliment your chic indoor décor. Hence, do not make hastened decisions! If you smartly deliberate and console an expert, you can equip your home with a balustrade to provide safety and an instant facelift to your space.