Plywood is commonly used in indoor and outdoor woodwork and comes in many types with varying sizes, strengths, and durability. Each type has its specific applications that utilize its properties advantageously. The range is vast from MR-grade plywood to BWR plywood and softwood to hardwood plywood. Let us look into plywood in detail.

What is plywood?

Plywood is a wood manufactured by combining multiple layers of wood veneers (sheets) using glue. The layers used can be from various types of wood, and the glue varies with the plywood’s use, like indoor usage will require a standard glue. However, the glue must be weather-resistant and durable for outdoor use.

How is plywood made?

Multiple layers of wood are glued together through cross-graining. The lines that run throughout a piece of wood are called grain and exist naturally in trees’ growth rings. Cross-graining in terms of assembly means aligning the pieces of wood so that the grains are not parallel but at varied angles. 

Types in India

Various types of plywood in India are: 

  • MR Grade plywood

Here MR stands for moisture-resistant. Melamine Urea Formaldehyde resin is an adhesive used to glue the sheets (ply) of wood together. This adhesive block pores in the wood, making it resistant to humidity and moisture. However, it is not waterproof. Contact with water over a long period can damage it. With good internal strength, it is suitable for areas high in humidity. Its uses include cabinet construction, roof decking, etc.

  • BWP & BWR Grade plywood

BWP means boiling waterproof, and BWR means boiling water resistant. BWR plywood is waterproof with the highest water resistance. BWP plywood is robust and can tolerate weather fluctuations without getting worn out. Both use phenolic resins in their structure.

  • Marine Grade plywood

It has the highest quality in plywood. It can withstand moisture, snow, and rain and must have at least five layers fewer air pockets than other plywood.


Plywood has many pros:

  • It is convenient to use because it is available in many different sizes. 
  • Putting nails and screws is relatively easy, and the plank remains unharmed.
  • It doesn’t warp or shrink with fluctuations in the temperature. This makes it durable.
  • It is recyclable, and wastage is minimal in its manufacture.
  • It costs less than solid wood and has varieties.

Plywood is used in furniture, flooring, toys, crafts, roofing, vehicles, etc. Many wood door manufacturers in India use plywood. Archidply is one such company that offers laminate, plywood, and many other products.