Airports aren’t typically synonymous with style. Even though the number of people who want to fly is growing faster than the Wright brothers’ bellies at an all-you-can-eat buffet, many major American airports still don’t have the “something” that their international counterparts do. Consequently, for some, when deciding between commercial flights for vacation and private flights, opting for private charters from these airports provides a safer environment and more control over the details.

Take Singapore’s Changi Airport. This sprawling travel hub has won the best airport title 10 times in the World Airport Awards thanks, in part, to its excellent lounges, free-to-use rest areas, 24-hour movie theaters, spa services, and its time-killing entertainment deck.

America’s airports are improving in quality

The recent North American Airport Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power shows that the quality of American airports is getting better. New technology and better customer service are being used to improve the overall airport experience.

With that in mind, we’re taking a look at three US airports that are leading the race to win the unofficial title of “Most Stylish US Airport.” Take a look.

1. Carroll County Airport, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Carroll County Airport, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
You’ve probably never heard of Carroll County Airport, but once you see it, you’ll never forget it. It’s close to the bustling arts community of Eureka Springs, a popular destination for tourists keen to enjoy its unique character and wonderful airport.

It may seem odd, but it’s worth a trip to Eureka Springs just to see the design of Carroll County Airport. Modus Studio revamped it in 2011, with a space inspired by the F4U Corsair airplane. Its terminal features rotating art exhibits and is maintained by the Eureka Springs Arts Council.

2. LAX, Tom Bradley International Terminal, Los Angeles

Think of Los Angeles airport and it probably brings to mind sprawling car parks (top tip: we recommend using the coast-to-coast airport parking comparison service to find a great deal), miles of tarmac and a dreary terminal—but the Tom Bradley International Terminal is a different ball of wax.

Inspired by the Pacific Ocean, its curved roofline mimics the rolling motions of a wave, while its Great Hall has 80-foot tall digital art installations and oodles of shopping options, including Brookstone, Burberry, and Book Soup.

3. Jackson Hole Airport, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole Airport, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
We’ve saved the best ‘til last… Jackson Hole Airport is located inside a national park! It’s nestled at the foot of the Grand Tetons, an area where you can explore hundreds of miles of trails and rivers, or simply enjoy the serenity.

It’s perhaps an incongruous place for an airport, but the 2010 revamp of Jackson Hole made sure that it blended in with the stunning surroundings. The firm responsible for its renovation used natural materials like wood and stone to make this one of the most stylish airports in the US.

Now it’s over to you, Have any US airports piqued your interest during your travels? Where’s the most stylish place to fly from? Let us know in the comments below—we’d love to hear from you.