You’ve likely enjoyed your yard at some point during the summer months, whether you were grilling dinner for the family, sitting on the patio, or watching the kids play games. And while it’s bittersweet to know that summer is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean you have to stop spending time outside. Whether you have an outdoor living space you enjoy all the time or you barely spend time in your yard, here are fall tips for your outdoor living space to ensure you can still use it just as frequently in the fall as you did in the summer.

Mend the firepit.

Mend the firepit
You may not have used your firepit during the hot summer months, but when the crisp fall air comes to town, you’ll be wanting something cozy to do. Take some time to inspect your firepit and see if it needs any repairs. It’s also a good time to stock up on firewood, fire starter kits, and any other kindling or fire necessities you may need (chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows, hot dogs, etc.)

Mend your furniture.

Your patio furniture likely gets a lot of use in the summer, so it’s important to check it before fall starts and see if you need to do any repairs or even replace it. Due to the seasonality of patio furniture, it’s more cost-effective to replace these pieces during the fall when everything is on sale or on clearance.

In addition, you may want to start paying attention to the different needs you may have during the fall season. For instance, if you want larger seats with warmer cushions, you will want to transition your summer patio furniture with your fall patio furniture. You should also consider the seasonality of your area; after all, your need for patio furniture in Houston compared to patio furniture in Chicago will be very different, so be sure you are choosing furniture that will last the weather in your specific region.

Bring in the heat.

Bring in the heat.
The fall weather can be very chilly, and sometimes a firepit simply isn’t enough. If this sounds like a challenge you face in your outdoor living space, then it’s important for you to bring in the heat in other ways. For instance, would you benefit from having a heat lamp placed nearby your outdoor seating, or would a tabletop fireplace be a good investment? The choice is up to you, but you want to ensure your guests are warm and comfortable when enjoying your outdoor space with you.

Add more lighting.

During the fall months, the sun starts to set earlier, which means you’ll need to enjoy more lighting in your outdoor space. This can be done in a variety of ways, from hanging rope lights around your outdoor living space to choosing single light sources instead. Take some time to walk around a home décor center and find the outdoor lighting that not only interests you but that also complements your space.

Put summer items away.

Put summer items away
Even though you’re still using your outdoor space in the fall, you want to ensure all your summer items are properly stored away. Doing this will ensure that all your summer items are packed away together, making it easier for you to find next year. In addition, it will also eliminate the amount of items you need to store away once fall is over and the weather is colder. There are many types of patio storage containers you can choose to house your summer belongings during the colder months, so be sure to find the one that is sized right for your specific needs.

Clean your yard.

Leaves will start to fall, flowers and plants will start to die and your yard will be in need of a nice cleanup. By taking the time to do this in the fall, you’ll eliminate a lot of the work you would need to do in the upcoming spring. Plus, cleaning your yard now still makes it possible for you to enjoy your outdoor living space without being distracted or turned off by the debris. Then, once your yard is clean, be sure to take the time to weed and feed your lawn so it’s nice and ready for you to enjoy next year.

Your outdoor living should be thought of as an extension to your home, so use these tips to ensure you get to use it even long after the summer heat goes away.