Lahore Smart city is the biggest and the most luxurious smart city in Pakistan. It is built in the city of gardens, “Lahore.” It is esthetically located on the left side of Lahore bypass and Kala Shah Kaku Interchange, next to Railway Bridge. It is reachable from GT road, M2 motorway, Lahore ring road, and Lahore- Sialkot motorway.

After the success of the first smart city of Pakistan, Capital Smart city Islamabad, LSC housing society is the 2nd smart city in the country. It is developed by Habib Rafiq Private limited and Future Development Holdings Private Limited and is spread over the vast land of 20,000 Kanal.

Lahore city is a metropolitan city and is the hub of economic and cultural endeavors, that is one of the major reasons Lahore Smart City is going to be more successful than the previous smart city.

Given are the pros and cons of Lahore Smart City housing society for your convenience.

These qualities of the housing society will help you decide and admire the features of this fascinating society.

Pros and cons presence in Lahore Smart City

Pros of Lahore Smart city Cons of Lahore Smart City
It is a smart city with smart facilities ————-
It is the 5th Smart City project in Asia and the 2nd in Pakistan. Lahore Smart City is located on a distance from the main Lahore city and commercial areas of the city
LSC housing society is located away from the rush and pollution of inner Lahore city Currently, Schools, colleges, universities, and shopping malls are at a distance from the housing society.
Plots are available in different sizes and types Lahore Smart City is at its initial stage, so legal NOC from LDA is under process
LSC housing society is filled with every basic and luxurious necessity of life
Society showcases excellent healthcare, transportation, clean water system, and improved infrastructure.
Lahore Smart City is the good investment opportunity
Beneficial for long term & Short term investment
A special overseas block is planned according to the lifestyle of foreigners for overseas Pakistani ————-
Due to the pre-launching phase, prices are offered at their lowest  ————-
Plots in Lahore Smart City are available on easy installments.
Diversity of Jobs and opportunities are available in the society ————-
People will be able to enjoy the view of river Ravi  ————-
Grade 8 development status ————-
Efficient resource management by the administrative team ————-
Many foreign and local are investing in the housing society. ————-
Electric bikes are available for easy and eco-friendly transportation inside society. ————-
The LSC housing society is a pollution-free zone ————-
Development in the LSC housing society is taking place at a fast pace. ————-

Lahore smart city facilities, services, and features

Other than the regular pros and cons of society, the following are some of the advanced features of society that are fascinating and variant. These features and amenities of Lahore Smart City are going to be unique and ultra-advanced than the other housing societies in Lahore city.

These features of the Lahore Smart City housing society are uncommon. They can only be found here exclusively for its residents so, hurry and reserve your place in the housing society if you want to enjoy them!

  • Protected and gated community
  • Modern infrastructure and buildings
  • Eighteen lane boulevards
  • Parks, jogging areas, and playgrounds
  • Dancing fountains built at different locations in the housing society
  • Open-air theater for entertainment
  • Hospitals and medical care centers
  • Educational institutes
  • Modern and cultural architecture and developments
  • 24/7 supply of electricity, water, and gas
  • Sport complexes
  • Shopping malls and arenas
  • International standards developments
  • Swimming pools
  • Beautiful, lush green and peaceful environment

Lahore Smart City Pre-Launch phase

Lahore Smart City hosing society is a mega residential project in Lahore by Habib Rafiq Group. The housing society has gotten popular within a very short duration of time for the reason that it is an eco-friendly residential project. It is also known for its distinctive characteristics and contemporary layouts.

The official launch of the Lahore Smart City will be held after a few weeks after the attainment of its NOC from the Lahore Development Authority. To sound appealing and to grab the attention of the clients towards the housing society, the society has announced pre-launching deals at very minimum prices, but wait; there is a catch! These prices are only available for a limited time and restricted number of residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

Like Capital Smart City Islamabad, Lahore Smart City comprises of the Overseas block and an Executive Block. Only overseas Pakistanis are permitted to book a plot in the overseas block, but the local inhabitants are allowed to reserve their plots in executive Block of the society.

What is a Smart City?

Smart cities implement information communication technologies (ICT) and the Internet of Things (IOT) solutions to handle the use of technology means in the safest and the most efficient possible manner. These cities develop an automated feedback system through dedicated ICT based infrastructure.

In addition to offering a quality of life to its residents, the other purpose is to measure the usefulness of various metropolitan systems, provision of facilities in the place, and make necessary enhancements in development based on given responses.

Smart cities also require the managing of big data, which is something not possible to do manually, so dependence is tremendously on the use of technology in these cities, Similar is the case with Lahore Smart City, Pakistan.


Lahore Smart City is going to be a place suitable for living for every group of people as the advantages are a lot more than the disadvantages. For pre-launch booking information and latest updates, contact Sky Marketing Islamabad as only limited plots are available.