Adding window shutters is an ideal way of upgrading your home’s exterior design, however, it may be challenging to settle on a type of shutters that would perfectly compliment your style owing to the numerous options available to choose from.

Recently, timber window shutters have grown in popularity among most homeowners who are keen on enhancing the curb appeal of their homes. Using timber shutters gives your property a classic look and creates a first impression that lingers for a long. Nevertheless, not everybody will be delighted by timber shutters. Like any other shutter material, wood shutters have pros and cons. Timber shutters are a classic addition to your home and Hamptons shutters highly recommend homeowners to consider installing them.

To make your decision-making process easier, we have discussed in detail some of the pros and cons of using timber window shutters. Read through to get amazing insights on the same.

Pros of Timber Shutters

  • Get Better Control of Sunlight – if you are looking to have total control over the amount of sunlight that gets into your home, timber shutters are your perfect choice. You can adjust the sluts on wooden shutters to block the light from coming in or allow just the right amount.
  • Elegant Appeal – timber shutters are a darling to most homeowners because of their stylish and aesthetic appearance. It is easy to work around them by painting or staining with any colour enabling you to contrast and match with the exterior theme colour of your home. Timber shutters can also have the design altered to include decorative cuts and engravings to add style to your home.
  • Protective Against the Weather – timber shutters shield your windows and property from extreme temperatures during summer and excess rain during the winter season. When the weather stabilizes, you can as well adjust the shutters to allow some breeze into your home.
  • They Add Value to Your Home – as stated above, timber shutters are an elegant addition to your home and as such, installing them enhances the worth of your property in case you intend to sell it later on.

Cons of Timber Shutters

  • They are Expensive – because timber shutters are considered more elegant compared to other types, they are generally high priced than the rest.
  • Easily Destroyed by Humidity – if you reside in humid or moist areas, wooden window shutters may not be the best option for you. The timber tends to warp on exposure to extremely damp habitats, demanding frequent repairs and touch-ups.
  • Vulnerable to Storm Damage – even though timber shutters may protect your home from adverse climatic conditions, they are not strong enough for severe storms.
  • Lead Times – timber shutters may not be an ideal fit for you if you want a quick fix. Of all of the window furnishings, they have the highest lead times. Shutters may take eight weeks or more to be delivered to you while it only takes two to three weeks to get blinds or shades. Additionally, it requires a considerable amount of time to have them installed.