If you are looking for ways to enhance the visual outlook of your distressed cabinets, we will acquaint you with the latest ideas and tips to inspire your cabinetry renovation. Distressed cabinetries can instill clean and natural visual aesthetics in any interior they are installed; Regardless of their design-if they are well decorated. 

Whether you want your pantry to look casual, formal, modern, or country-like, the latest ideas on distressed kitchen cabinets will make you want to remodel your pantry. Continue reading to uncover these ideas. 

Are Distressed Kitchen Cabinets in Fashion?

In professional interior design, there are countless ways to personalize the design aspects of an interior. From installation of vintage to contemporary materials, there’s more than one way to style an interior. If you like country-inspired cookhouses, the best design fixtures to go for are distressed kitchen cabinets.

These cabinets are among the latest trending designs, thanks to the growing popularity of classic styles in modern interior design. Besides features that emphasize function, distressed cabinets are popular for the following reasons. 

  • Flexibility in Design

As is the case of many traditional-styled cabinet designs, distressed cabinets are generally very flexible. They can seamlessly fit in all types of cookhouses, from vintage to modern and contemporary designs. Considering their neutral-like withered appearance, these drawers can look good regardless of the colors you pair them with

Distressed cabinets have become so popular because of the flexibility of their classic design. Because almost every homeowner wants to try newer designs now and then, distressed cabinets are proving to be more valuable since they can fit everywhere. 

  • Simplicity in Design

That distressed kitchen cabinets are marked by simplicity is not by any means, an exaggeration. From tone to ornamentation, shapes, and accessories, everything about these drawers is marked by simplicity. In this regard, distressed cabinets are trouble-free in terms of styling and pairing with other design elements. 

Whether you pair them with light or bright-colored accessories, kitchen hardware, or fixtures, these drawers will maintain their clean appearance and make your scullery look more beautiful. 

Considering the simplicity of working with these drawers, it is not surprising that they are among the top trends since modern interior design stresses the need to work with undemanding design elements. 

  • Impressive Resale Value and Cost-Effectiveness 

Distressed cabinet designs are appreciated globally for their higher resale value. With their guaranteed longer lifespan, these cabinets can return to you a great deal of the cash you spent on them if you decide to sell them after prolonged use. 

Considering that distressed kitchen cabinets are easy to outfit, you are more likely to never spend extra cash on remodels if you chose them for your pantry. 

Generally, withered-looking cabinet designs come in natural wood material, which justifies their longer lifespan and ease of usage. These cabinets are easy to maintain, and so, cost-effective in terms of sparing homeowners from costly maintenance activities like frequent staining and installation of accessories. 

How to Enhance the Outlook of Distressed Kitchen Cabinets?

By now, you have uncovered the popularity of distressed cabinets. You now need to discover tips on how to make these cabinet designs appear outstanding in terms of their visual outlook. 

The following are proven tips and ideas for decorating distressed kitchen cabinets

  • Staining the Cabinets

Did you know that different kinds of stains work well on furniture with distressed or worn-out finishes? For the stain of your choice to appear visually eye-catchy on distressed cabinetry, you need to apply that stain before following it with paint, which you will then sand off. The stain will come out splendidly after you have sanded off the paint. 

A good stain will let the wood material defining the cabinetry surfaces showcase itself in a way that enhances the visual attractiveness of the cabinets. Staining cabinets is valuable at extending their lifespan by making them stout. 

  • Accessorizing the Cabinets

Apart from staining, you can accessorize distressed kitchen cabinets to make their visual appearance stand out. Because these cabinets can mix with a wide range of materials, you will have countless choices of accessories to choose from in terms of material features. 

From metallic to non-metallic and vintage to contemporary accessories, there are varieties of accessories that match worn-out cabinets.  Your interior design preferences and design features like the coloring inside your pantry can tell you more about the type of accessories you should pick. 

  • Regular Cleaning and Maintenance 

Because of their withered appearance, distressed kitchen cabinets can easily seem out of place, old, or vintage if they are not regularly cleaned or maintained. Therefore, you need to take care of your distressed cabinets well if you want them to look good and attractive. In cleaning your distressed cabinets, you should wipe them with a soft rag and a neutral solvent like water. 

Concerning maintenance, you need to replace broken hardware, work on peeled-off surfaces (in case there is any), and re-install newer accessories or ornamentation. According to interior designers, furniture that is well maintained can stay fashionable even if their designs are no longer in trend. 

  • Incorporation of Colors

Did you know that the brighter a kitchen interior is the more visible the visual design aspects of that kitchen will be? Hence, you must mix blending colors in your kitchen if you want to make distressed cabinets seem well decorated. Because withered cabinets have a neutral outlook, you can mix several varying colors in any interior in which they are based. 

For color contrast to come out effectively, you should opt for colors that contrast the tones on the cabinetry surfaces. When considering the incorporation of different colors, you should factor the following. 

  • Your design preferences
  • Availability of your preferred colors
  • Cost of painting vs. your budget
  • Available colors, for example, the colors of kitchen hardware 

Final Thoughts

There are multiple ways to improve the outlook of distressed kitchen cabinets, from staining to installation of accessories, regular maintenance, and color mixing. Considering that withered interior designs are now trending, you can leverage the outlook of distressed cabinetry designs to make the interior of your cookhouse look more stylish or fashionable.