Are you wondering what could be some Gib fixing disasters? Well, there are several cases and these must be avoided. To make sure that disasters would not take place in the first instance, you need to hire a professional gib fixer. Getting a competent gib fixer will prevent any mistakes but in case such incidents occur then this article has got you covered with the details. Many times, if a homeowner makes a wrong decision in the hiring process then they are left with nothing but dissatisfaction.

Gib Fixing Is Not A Piece Of Cake

You might think that gib fixing is quite a simple task but it is more complex than you think if not done properly. Many times, people are not satisfied with the quality finish. It does not last long and there are several factors that cause this problem. Only a good professional gib fixer can comply with all the factors else plasterboard will always cause issues.

Most common Gib fixing disaster

The most common disaster which people are left with is the cracks in the gib board wall. It is extremely disappointing to see the humps in the ceiling. In this particular common scenario, homeowners do not dare to call the same gib fixers back. They get a specialist to fix the project which means one has to bear additional expenses. If you want to avoid the double expenditure then the wise step will be investing your time. You need to invest your time in hiring the professional gib fixer who has been in the market. Always hire someone experienced as one will know how to optimize any problem. If you are completely unsure how to start the hiring process then the best way is to ask around for the recommendations. To deal with this particular problem of fixing the crack, and other visible joins people go for gib stopping which fades away the appearance of defects. You will not get away with just gib fixing as additional steps of repainting will be required to fix the wall completely. Wondering why one sees the cracks in the first place? Well, all the credit goes to the gib fixer who has not followed best practices in gib fixing. If you are wondering what the best practices are then they are detailed decently by the plasterboard manufacturers. Gib fixers just have to follow it.

Some Common Problems In Gib Fixing

Some other common problems are Framing is not dry in few areas and timber moves due to its age. If you are wondering how this can be fixed then go for removing the gib before the gib fixing team returns. Another issue can be with the structural design and in that case the only solution is to refix the gib. There are some preventative measures that you can take for avoiding any issues later by checking the layout. Make sure the layout is parallel with the direction of light. Lastly also check with the screws for the adhesiveness.