It gets to this point every year when it is time to organize and sort through all belongings and decide what gets to stay and what does not make the cut. Clutter and an unorganized space can have negative effects on mental health and facilitates a stressful space to be in, rather than a welcoming one.

With this in mind, this piece will discuss some top tips on how to declutter and organize the home so that everything has its rightful place.

Decluttering: To Keep or Not to Keep?

The first step to any successful organization strategy is to declutter belongings. This means that when it comes to organization and storage, everything that is kept has a purpose and is not simply just taking up space.

It will also determine how much space and what kind of storage solutions will actually be needed.

Work through belongings a section at a time, either by simply identifying a belonging that is worth keeping, donating to charity, or heading for the trash.

Re-evaluate the Home System

A good indicator that there is insufficient storage in the home is that once all the belongings have been sorted through, the space in question is still is filled to the brim or is looking messy.

This is where organization starts to come in. A quick and easy tip is to bunch items into categories that belong together which will then make them easier to store and easier to find!

A Storage No-No

Drawers are one of the easiest and most convenient storage units that exist, but they also tend to become a home to the many odd bits and bobs that do not have a real place. Avoid this pitfall and invest in drawer dividers or boxes to encourage items into their rightful place, and throw out anything that does not have value.

Customized Storage Solutions

For those who love DIY and getting stuck into making their own furniture, this can only be a positive when it comes to storage solutions. Being able to create custom storage solutions means that there is the option to have a personalized design, shape, and style for whatever belongings are in the house.

Cabinets are often a popular choice when it comes to storage, as they can be made to any size and offer a neat outward appearance that can also be customized. Make sure to choose a good quality timber from a reputable company such as

Keep an Eye on Clutter Hot Spots

The kitchen counter, the dining room table, that clean non-descript space in the hallway — these are all on par with the dreaded drawer dump, apart from the fact that they are usually on show!

Keep an eye on the areas where clutter tends to accumulate and make an active effort to put everything back in the right place instead of leaving it on the nearest surface. This will also make items easier to find!

If this space just must be filled, why not offer a small storage solution such as a pretty box or basket? This is great if the house keys always seem to make their way there instead of to the designated hook!

If you have a lot of waste while you’re decluttering, a dumpster rental could be necessary.