How many solar panels do I need for my home?
The number of solar panels (number of photovoltaic or pv components) relies on the electrical energy usage of your home or business as well as your objective of just how much you want to reduce electricity costs. It is very important to think about the usage background of the last twelve month and also possible increases or reductions in power consumption in the future. For instance: If they understand that they will install a couple of even more environments in the future, it will certainly be essential to think about the rise in electricity expenses triggered by the additional climates to calculate the optimum number of photovoltaic panels.

Do photovoltaic solar systems work under the climatic conditions of my country?
Solar components were developed in 1970 and ever since this technology has actually been applied to all weather locations, whether it is warm – dry, humid or chilly. There are no geographical limitations on using this modern technology and it is commonly used throughout the globe.

How much money can be saved with a photovoltaic solar system?
A solar photovoltaic or pv system is adjoined with the public network, it is an eye-catching way to minimize the visitors of the electrical usage. With a solar photovoltaic system that is can conserve 100% of power prices. Nonetheless, in practice it is a lot more lucrative to size a system that will offer between 60-90% of electric energy.

What is important when choosing various projects and options from different suppliers?

  • Recommend that clients are familiar with the function of the solar photovoltaic system, the main components of a solar panel system includes solar panels, inverter, solar batteries, chargers and other solar elements.
  • Before choosing any type of solar task, it is suggested to apply energy saving actions that can be as easy as switching off unneeded electric loads or changing to high energy efficiency technology, eg LED illumination, mini Divide kind inverter..
  • Choose an integrator/installer with a specialist history that shows competencies not only in solar installations but additionally in electric installations as well as power saving recommendations.

How do you guarantee that the system will work the same in 25 years?
The assurances are approved directly with the makers of the components and vary between 5 to ten years for the inverters depending on the brand name and model and in between 10-15 years for the photovolaic modules. In case of investors there are choices to extend the assurance for 5-10 years at an additional cost. Not all capitalists manage it! So it is necessary that you consult with the installer before buying it..

Additionally, when it comes to photovoltaic or pv components, the makers assure that the solar components provide a minimal power of their nominal power after 25 years. A trustworthy installer supplies a photovoltaic module technological sheet that shows the power shipment guarantee for 25 years.

Where to buy solar panels? Brands and stores
There are several online stores that enable you to buy private solar panels or photovoltaic packages that consist of all the needed components for installment. However, if we are considering self-producing our own power, the most common thing is to employ a photovoltaic or pv installment firm to perform the entire procedure. In the following, we indicate one of the most popular websites that supply of a full range solar panels for sale.

Renogy online shop that supplies all type of photovoltaic solar self-consumption items (solar panels, photovoltaic or pv batteries, cost regulatory authorities, etc). Renogy is a solar panel producer based in Louisiana that has actually expanded at a rapid price given that its beginning in 2010. Renogy makes a number of photovoltaic panel kits ideal for do it yourself use, which are developed for use in and on smaller sized homes, motorhomes, and cabins.