Revitalising your home is a great idea if you’re looking to bring some new energy into your space to get your year started right. And it doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive either. From easy renovation projects to simply clearing out your old junk, bringing some new energy into your home is easy. Here are some tips for revitalising your home for 2021.

Update your Entryway

As the first room you enter when coming home, the entryway is an important piece of your house and should be as welcoming as possible. An easy way to revitalize this space for 2021 is by opening things up for a better flow into the house. If your entryway is sequestered in its own space separate from the rest of the home, think about knocking down some walls to instead have it open right away into your home. Avoid any barriers in the area and you’ll feel as if your house has a whole lot more space immediately.

Make Use of What’s Already There

If you’re thinking about revitalising things, you don’t have to get too ambitious with renovation projects. Instead, try to make use of what’s already there. For example, don’t plan to move your toilet, or rip out your built-in cupboards. This could just create a whole raft of new problems if you do. Instead, focus on the spaces that you have and look at how you can transform it with some interesting designs, pieces of furniture, or a decorative piece.

Get Colourful

Adding a fresh coat of paint is a quick, easy, and affordable way to revitalise your home for the new year. Selecting a new colour for a room can dramatically change the mood of that space, helping to bring a new energy into your home. Bold, striking colours like red and yellows should be reserved for a feature wall in your energetic living areas, like the dining room, study, or kitchen. Make it stand out by painting the same rooms with earthy neutral tones that match most colours and furniture pieces. Save the calm blues and greens for the bedrooms, where they induce a feeling of relaxation and peace. 


There’s nothing quite like decluttering your home for the ultimate in revitalization. Getting rid of the junk that accumulates in all our lives will leave your home feeling fresh, inviting, and ready for the year ahead. And you don’t have to do it entirely yourself either – just call 1300 Rubbish to have someone around to help you move out that old mattress or broken chest of drawers that you no longer need. Afterwards, you’ll feel revitalised yourself. With a clean house comes a clean mind. 

Redo the Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen is looking a bit boring, it might be time to redo the kitchen cabinets. This project is a great way to freshen things up in the area without undergoing a whole renovation. You won’t believe the transformation – it’ll feel like an entirely new kitchen. Go for a bold, deep blue to bring in some Mediterranean vibes, or keep things classy and minimalist with some creamy neutral tones to offset a feature wall in the space. Changing out the fixings on the cupboards is also a great way to improve the area.

Light Up Your Space

Lighting in your home brings in a vital sense of energy, and along with colour, is key in setting the mood for a space inside your home. If you’re looking for a nice way to revitalize your living spaces without moving too much around, adding in some extra lamps might be the key. Warm lighting in your living and dining areas makes things more comfortable, while brighter lights that imitate daylight are great for a study where you go to work. You can also use lighting to feature an area, decorative piece, or entire room in your home – the opportunities are almost endless.

Mix and Match Textures

To revitalize a room quickly and easily within your home, try mixing and matching with the materials and textures to create some contrasts. For example, if you’ve got a leather couch, try adding in some decorative pieces made of natural fibres, like woven rugs, textile wall hangings, etc. If you’ve got some wooden floors, add in a fresh house plant and some light and airy decorations. Couch throws and cushions are an easy way to get a colour theme running through a room as well. Experiment and see what sticks. But we guarantee that your home will feel like an entirely new space for 2021.