Look at it this way: you can’t place furniture outside without doubling up its protection. That means regular cleaning and, yes, covering it up when not in use. YardTrend recommends patio furniture covers for your favorite outdoor chairs and sofas to maximize their useful life and lifespan. That said, when do you need to have them covered?

When To Cover Your Furniture

Covering outdoor furniture is especially important during the following seasons:


If your region experiences winter, that should be the main reason to cover all your outdoor furniture pieces. There should be days warm enough to take the covers off, but make sure to place them back on before nightfall.

Frost or snow settling for any amount of time on naked furniture could spell the end of it. This is especially true for wood furniture, whose natural qualities already make it more vulnerable to the elements as it is. 


Outside of cold weather, knowing when to cover furniture can be a bit tricky. That’s because you’d actually be able to spend time outdoors now and will look to maximize the use of the patio.

People especially love spending time outside during the summer, which can wreak its own brand of havoc on your furniture pieces. It might not destroy furniture outright or as fast as frost or sleet, but it does expedite wear and tear with enough exposure.

With intense heat comes fading, which may not ruin how your furniture functions but cause it to perish aesthetically instead. Colored wood furniture is especially vulnerable during this season, so make sure to cover it more often than not.

Consider opting out of covering furniture only if:

  • Outdoor furniture is in an area that’s shaded all summer long
  • Outdoor furniture is extremely durable, as is the case with some high-end pieces

Is It Absolutely Necessary To Cover Your Furniture?

If it’s not protected by way of a shaded area, then yes, you definitely need to cover your furniture. Time and time again, people neglect this part of care and maintenance and pay the price for it.

Covers help extend your furniture’s lifespan, as well as keep it clean and new-looking. These accessories help regardless of your piece’s level of durability. After all, one season of being uncovered is all it takes to ruin furniture, high-end or otherwise.

As mentioned, covering outdoor furniture is especially vital during winter. You should be able to get away with not doing so a handful of times during summertime, but never during winter. 

What if You Don’t Have a Cover?

In case you don’t own a cover and decide to forgo covering your outdoor furniture pieces entirely, expect major ruin to fall upon them. That really is the only outcome to expect after such neglect.

Once the season is over, expect your furniture, especially the wooden pieces, to perish in the hands of the elements. The results shouldn’t be as horrid during summer, but winter would be a completely different story. Furniture isn’t likely to survive one snowstorm after another.

That said, you should be able to get away with only applying furniture sunscreen during a not-too-hot summer season. With a strong desire to spend time outdoors and under the sun, you might not even want to secure a cover in the first place. Judge the conditions wisely, though; otherwise, you could still end up with damaged furniture.

Should furniture sunscreen prove suitable enough as protection, apply two to three layers on your painted wooden furniture for sufficient protection. Make sure to apply regularly and judiciously throughout the season, as missing even one application on an extremely hot day can end in disastrous results.

Then, we have cushion protection to think about. You’ll need to use a different product from the one applied to the actual furniture. It’s called a waterproofing spray, and it offers protection to the more fragile sections of your piece while keeping them in excellent condition. You should be able to double-up protection if you choose waterproof furniture in the first place.

What Furniture Covers Should You Go For?

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced of the necessity of a furniture cover, what type should you go for? What’s most important in the selection process is its quality. The cover you pick should be made of high-quality material that’s durable and long-lasting. These types of covers are likely capable of holding their own against the elements with little trouble.

Judge Wisely

Patio furniture is meant to be used and displayed, so you might not want to cover it if you can help it. However, since nature has a lot to say in the matter, outdoor furniture covering shouldn’t be overlooked. Consider the season, weather, and the type of furniture you own to figure out the most efficient way to go about protecting your outside furnishings.