Many homeowners get bothered by the question of whether to replace or repair the rooftop. If you, too, get concerned about whether to patch or replace your roof shingles, you should first evaluate your roof’s condition and age. Then, if you notice a minor defect, you can go ahead with the repair work. Even when the top has many years of warranty left, then you should go for repairing. 

Top reasons why homeowners opt for roof patching?

If you are facing the dilemma of whether to go for a roof repair or replacement and then you should evaluate the following situations

  • When there are signs of minor damage

It is evident that if there is minimal damage to roof shingles, replacing the entire roof would be costly. Homeowners indeed expect the roof to last many years to withstand extreme climate conditions. If you notice minor damage, you can call an expert roofer to fix it. In short, you can say that if you see that there is isolated damage to the roof shingles, then you should call a roofer to get it repaired as minor holes can easily get patched up. 

  • When you have a tiny budget

Do not have adequate funds for going for a roof replacement, then you can opt for repair. It is up to you to evaluate the damage so that you can save hundreds of dollars by opting for a sensible roof repair. And even if you have the finances, it is always advisable to save money. Roof shingles are costly; therefore, repairing an old roof is advisable. If you notice that only any particular area is leaking, then going for a short repair is a more affordable option. The money that you save you can spend on a vacation. 

Why do homeowners have to go for roof replacement?

Are you facing a crisis about whether to go for roof repair or roof replacement? Then consider the following scenario

If your roof has surpassed its expiry date

Everything indeed comes with an expiry date. On the other hand, if you have roofs made of metal or clay, they would last for centuries, but usually, asphalt roofs last up to two decades. So depending on the quality and material of the top you use, it is most likely that your roof will ultimately expire, and you have to get a new roof. Moreover, if you replace your roof with a few wood shingles to repair it, it will look out of place because you will see glaring differences between the old and the new roof wood shingles. It would lead to visual inconsistency and distract passerby.

If you notice overwhelming roof damage

Sometimes your roof gets damaged beyond repair. For example, if it gets damaged due to falling trees, then it will require extensive repairs. If you see leaks in multiple areas, you cannot repair them because you have to get a new roof. If your roof gets damaged below 30%, then you can fix it, but beyond that, it is most likely that you have to get a new rooftop. 

However, if you notice extensive damage to roof shingles, it is more likely that you should go for roof replacement. In either case, consulting an expert roofing professional like Lane’s Contracting Raleigh is essential so that you can repair or replace your roof within your budget.