Many houses and apartments have standard doors. They come in a specific size (6’8 “) and classic designs. However, manufacturers want innovations. They believe that 8ft interior doors will be the best addition to every room.

In private houses, larger models are installed on the lower floors. This makes the house look more sophisticated and majestic. In some cases, large doors also adorn the upper floors. If you are thinking about updating the interior of your house or redeveloping, study the main features that distinguish new door models from the classic ones.


When determining which doors to install in your home, take accurate measurements. The widest models are entrance models, which can be up to 36 inches wide. A door like this would look great if it is tall. When its narrower, the elongated model will look disproportionate. Your room will take on an awkward look, so you should think about widening the doorway. This problem is especially common when it comes to replacing doors in:

  • pantry;
  • bathroom;
  • summer kitchen.

Most often, the installed models are quite narrow, so a higher option will not be the best solution. Pay attention to other doors in your home. They must be of the same height. If you require installation of 8 foot doors, you will have to replace all doors at once in order for them to look harmonious.

One of the main factors to be guided by when choosing a tall door is the height of the ceiling. If the ceilings match the height of the new doors, the room will appear very small. These models look best in rooms with ceilings up to 10 feet.


Think about the style of your apartment. The door cladding must fully match the rest of the room. After installing one model, you need to determine how well it looks against the rest. You may have to pay extra for a tall door to blend in with the interior and have the same design.

Price policy

Standard doors are much cheaper than 8ft doors. This is due to the increased amount of materials and the time of work for the installation. The cost of fittings that can withstand the weight of a large door is also on the rise. In some cases, builders have to enlarge the doorway to fit the new door into the frame.

The inside options will cost about 20% more than the standard models. If we are talking about the front door, the price will increase by 50%. You can choose a suitable model and order the installation.

Possibility of skewing

High doors warp much more often than classic ones. This is due to the fact that they are much heavier. If you don’t replace the fittings, it might quickly fail. Because of this, the service life of interior 8 ft doors for home is significantly reduced.

When choosing the suitable model, pay attention to the material it is made of. It must be durable and of high quality. This way you can maintain privacy in every room and reduce the noise level.


If you are going to demolish walls and redevelop to install the desired model of doors, inform the builders. Some parts of the house must not be altered. This will get you into trouble when it comes time to check (if you are planning to sell your house).

Examine the building plan. In private houses, there is a small window above the front door, which helps to brighten the rooms. If it is not there, you can safely install a high door. The best option would be a model with glass inserts, so you can enjoy natural light throughout the day.