The roles your drainage lines play for your home are immeasurable. An old, cracked, or damaged sewer would cause mayhem in your home, even creating a possible evacuation. Identifying problems early enough will save you from all these.

Let’s look at the possible signs of a broken sewer line?


Ever had to deal with clogs in your house? It is very discomforting. Just imagine the odor and dirty water backing up, the contaminants making their way to your sink that would be used to clean your kitchen tools, leaving them exposed to a disease that could possibly lead to death. An occasional clog is likely to happen once in a while in your household, and this will call for minor repairs.

Still, if you seem to be experiencing this in several outlets, you might be dealing with a much bigger issue. Your best bet is to deal with it before the situation escalates. Best advice, get professionals to have a look and fix your main sewer line. You can save yourself so much potential trouble.

Greener Lawn

You might notice some extravagantly green and healthy-looking grass grow in your lawn. It might look nice but, check carefully, green grass isn’t always good grass. Sewerage fits for fertilizer, and it could be the contributor of your nicely growing grass.

Well, a super green lawn might be a sign something is leaking. Take a stroll in your yard around the area where the sewer is buried; you may notice a dip on the ground where the gutter runs. This is due to soil dissipation from saturation by the leaking sewer. You might, in other instances, come across a pool of septic waste in the yard. The issue could be that the drain fields are clogged or a broken septic tank or that the mainline is cracked. You could use a professional hand before things get out of hand.

Rotten Eggs?!

Should you start smelling a foul smell, like rotten eggs and God knows what, you have a severe problem. If you don’t feel secure in your house anymore because of cracks on your walls or a horrid smell, get your peace of mind back by finding pipe relining services in the Eastern Suburbs. Get a plumber! With a proper sewer line, you can enjoy the fresh air in your house and backyard.

Slow Drains

You may be experiencing slow drains. These are a sign of clogs, and a simple unclogging procedure should do the trick. Should the problem persist, you should automatically know that the problem goes further than that and get a professional to fix it asap.

Uninvited Guests

Have you been having lots of uninvited guests lately? Cracks in the sewer line will create entry holes for rodents, like rats, or insects like sewer flies. Most of us have had a share of the cockroaches menace. Roaches will crawl all over your surfaces, leaving saliva and feces with allergens that would trigger allergic reactions. Rats, on the other hand, are outright harmful to your health.

First of all, you wouldn’t like to be bitten by a rat; you could get serious infections such as hemorrhagic fever. If you’re lucky enough not to get bitten, dust contaminated with urine or droppings from these rodents is equally dangerous. You might decide to rid off these animals with pest control, but this is just a measure to control the real issue when you could deal with it permanently. Get your sewers fixed.

The root of your sewer problem may be prolonged leaking of your mainline or merely a crack. Get help before it gets any worse. You wouldn’t want to spend too much time and money doing minor repairs every so often. How about you choose to have inspections done overtime to avoid the loopholes altogether.