Plumbing problems especially pipe leakages are often not easy to detect. By the time they realize the problem it becomes quite complicated and unmanageable. This is especially true for sewer lines that we usually take for granted. We become too much concerned only when it starts leaking. Sewer lines run inside walls or beneath the floors and remain out of sight which makes timely problem detection even more difficult.  All pipe damages might not need pipe replacement because minor damages are repairable that only plumbers experienced in sewer line repair Hampton Roads, VA can tell. Sometimes slow draining sinks or gurgling toilets show sings of some impending plumbing problem due to blockage, but the problem is much less than what can happen from leaking sewers.

Leakages in sewer pipes might not show up, but some signs tell you about the problem early. Knowing the signs should help to take timely action.

Sounds of flowing water

Even if all water outlets like the faucets, spigots and toilet vales remain firmly closed, but you still hear sounds of flowing water as if a small brook is flowing through the house, it is reason enough to sit up and take note. It is a sign of water leakage from the pipes. Now you need to detect if the leakage is in the freshwater or wastewater line or in the sewage pipes. Check the water meter reading and stop using water. After some time recheck the reading, and if it remains same, then the leakage is in the sewer line and you must have to look for the Sewer Pipe Repair immediately.

Damp floors

If sewer water lines that remain under the floors start leaking and it continues for some time, then the water will soak the soil and gradually move towards the surface after some time. A feeling of dampness on the floors indicates that water is leaking from the pipes that run under the floors. If you allow the dampness to persist then after some time, the moist environment will encourage mold and mildew growth that causes sneezing and allied respiratory problems.

Foul smells

If there is some foul smell around the indoors, it is a clear sign of leaking sewer lines. The smell might be of gases in the sewage that is toxic and unhealthy. However, the unpleasant smell can also happen if water pipe leakages occur that results in mold growth which also has a typical unpleasant smell but not as bad and intolerable like the gases liberated from sewers.

Cracks in the wall

Cracks in the wall

You might not be able to fathom the extent of damage caused by water leakage at home, but you should know that leaking sewer lines around the foundation can even crack walls of the building. If underground sewer lines at home start are leaking and it persists for a long time, it makes the soil around the foundation to shift slightly that creates vertical and diagonal cracks in the walls.

This can create havoc because it weakens the structural integrity of the building that is difficult to restore. Quick water leak detection miami of sewer leakage and prompt repair should help to avoid bigger problems.