When planning the perfect design for your bedroom there is plenty to consider, such as choosing a welcoming and relaxing color palette, picking fabrics that are soft and comfortable, making sure there is plenty of storage space, and creating a space that you want to spend time in. With that said, for those who suffer from allergies, there is another layer of the design that you’ll want to give thought to – how to make the room comfortable for those with allergies.

It doesn’t matter if your allergies are relatively minor or more severe, dealing with a runny nose, itchiness, redness, and watering eyes is never fun. That’s exactly why we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of tips that will ensure your bedroom not only looks fabulous, but is also comfortable for allergy sufferers.

Eliminate Carpeting

Eliminate Carpeting
One of the best steps you can take to make your bedroom comfortable for allergy sufferers is to get rid of any carpeting on the floor. Instead opt for hard-surfaced flooring like tiles, hardwood, or laminate. Carpet is notorious for trapping dust, dander, and other allergens.

Cut Back on Decorative Pieces

It’s also wise to cut back on the amount of decor pieces you have in the room. Instead, go for a minimalist look, with a few statement pieces included. Decorative pieces tend to be magnets for dust, which won’t do your allergies any favors.

Change Your Air Filter

While this isn’t necessarily an item in the bedroom, it will certainly affect the overall comfort level of your room and the entire house. You want to be sure that you stay on top of replacing your air filters in your home’s heating and cooling systems. The filter works to trap pet dander, dust, second-hand smoke, and other pollutants that can act as irritants.

You can order a replacement filter online through the Discount Filter Store, and it will be delivered right to your door. Ideally you want to change the filters every three months. A good way to remember is to change the filter with the change of seasons.

Choose Window Coverings that Can Be Laundered

Choose Window Coverings that Can Be Laundered
When picking your window coverings, be mindful of how you can clean them. Ideally you want to pick something that can be washed in the machine in order to get rid of pollutants. It’s also a good idea to pick lightweight airy fabric that won’t trap as much dust.

Use Hypoallergenic Mattress and Pillow Covers

Of course, your bedding will play a huge role in the overall look of the room. And, while you don’t have to make any big changes here, it’s wise to protect the mattress and pillows with hypoallergenic covers that are zippered on. Again, choose those that can be laundered so you can get rid of mold, dust mites, and mildew.

Each of these tips will ensure that your bedroom not only looks great but won’t trigger any sort of allergic reaction.