Single and double glazed windows are widely used in houses as well as offices. However, the two types of glass vary greatly in terms of structure, design, and functionality. So which one do you go for if you are planning to replace the old windows in your house? Let us work it out.

Understanding the Difference

As their names suggest, a single glazed window is made up of only a single pane of glass, whereas double glazed ones use two separate pieces of glass. So in the case of single glazed glass, the only thing keeping your interior separated from the environment outside is the single pane of glass. And in the case of double-glazed windows, there is a vacuum between the two pieces of glass that creates an insulation barrier.

Whether it is a regular window or door, single glazed glasses range from 3 to 10 mm in thickness. They do not provide much support in terms of insulation. Apart from window construction, these glasses are also used in balconies and verandas. However, the use of single glazed glass is slowly becoming obsolete and people are turning towards double glazing.

The space between the two pieces of glass in double-glazed windows is filled with argon gas, which acts as the insulation barrier. It helps protect the interior of your house from UV-rays and can also ensure a thermal efficiency of up to 80 percent. 

While double glazed windows are usually of a higher price range, the quality you get in return is far better than what you would get in single glazed glasses. And given all the advantages it has, you should always opt for double glazing over single glazing.

Looking into the Variations

Single glazed glass is very basic, and the variations in them are mostly visual or structural features and contribute nothing towards functionality. These glasses can be crystal clear, tinted, decorative, tampered, and so on. They do have specific uses but are not that well-received since a single piece of glass does not have much to offer in terms of functionality. 

Double glazed glass, however, has a lot more to offer in terms of variation, as you can see by visiting this website of a Sunderland window supplier. Misted double glazing, for instance, provides more privacy. This frosted glass is ideal for use in bathrooms, or windows that are very close to the streets.

High-security double glazing is specifically used to offer you a higher level of protection. This type of glazing is very difficult to shatter. Patterned double glazing is mostly used for decorative purposes, while the insulated one is much more energy-efficient. 

Advantages and Disadvantages 

When you compare the two glass types, you will notice some clear advantages and disadvantages. And upon further inspection, you will see that whatever shortcomings single glazed glass have are properly dealt with by the double glazed ones.

Single glazed windows are used for decorative purposes. They come in various colors and are also cheap, but that is where the advantages end. Single glazing falls behind when it comes to functional support. 

They are 20 times less efficient than insulated walls. Hence, there is rapid energy loss from a room that has single glazed windows. Poor insulation means that they cannot keep the heat or noise away. As a result, the heat and sound from the outside environment can easily penetrate your house’s interior. On top of all that, single-glazed glass is not secure. It does not take much effort to shatter this type of glass.

Double glazing takes care of all the disadvantages that single glazed glasses have. 

For starters, it offers better energy efficiency; double glazing creates effective insulation that blocks that exchange of hot and cold energy. As a result, you get better thermal insulation with double-glazed glasses. These glasses are also soundproof, thanks to the argon gas present in the insulating layer between the two pieces of glass. Finally, double glazing ensures more security. Unlike single glazed glasses, they are more difficult to break or crack.

Of course, double glazing has a few disadvantages as well. With time, as the seal around the panes break, moisture can enter in between the glasses and create condensation. Besides, not all double-glazed glasses are equally effective when it comes to soundproofing.

Final Verdict

Taking everything into account, double-glazed glasses are the superior option. Whether you are using it on your personal property, or at your business or company office, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product for the right price.