Has your kitchen become a bit dated-looking? A full-blown renovation will cost a pretty penny. Do you really have a budget and time to give it a completely new and updated look? If the answer is “no”, the best strategy is to change one thing at a time till you fall in love with the heart of your home again. Make sure to take a look at five simple ways to revamp your small kitchen with minimum effort and maximum impact.

1. Organize Storage

Utensils scattered all over your worktops and clattered cupboards don’t add any charm to your kitchen. Besides, if your tools pile up in drawers, finding the right item becomes a challenging task. Wouldn’t it be nice to store kitchenware in an easily-accessible and beautiful way? You may have already considered a kitchen renovation, but if your budget is still questionable, think about organizing your things first. Organizing entails checking what items you have and grouping them according to their uses. Organizing a vertical storage space is a piece of cake — just hang a rack with hooks and you’re done. Every frequently used utensil will always be close at hand when you need it. Plus, your kitchen space will look much tidier.

2. Install a Compact Boiler

If you’re an owner of a small kitchen, saving space should be your priority. You can’t let a huge appliance steal precious square feet from you. If you feel that your kitchenette has gotten too tight because you don’t use its space effectively, it’s time for a change. You can start off with your water boiler. A compact boiler can be as productive as larger counterparts but it fits way better into a concept of a small kitchen. It can discreetly sit under your sink or in a cupboard. Tuck it away out of sight and your kitchen will get prettier on the spot.

3. Work on Cabinets

Replacing cabinets means taking thousands of dollars from the family budget. If you’re tight on money, your best option is to work on the look of your cabinets. Tighten the fittings here and there so that the doors don’t look lopsided, change the handles, replace the glass and your furniture will seem like it just got a facelift. And if you want to completely change its appearance, repainting is just what the doctor ordered. Stain-resistant paints designed specifically for kitchen furniture are ideal for getting crisp white cabinets of your dreams or creating striking color accents.

4. Change Window Dressing

Nothing transforms the space as dramatically as neat window dressing. If your blinds turned yellow with age and stubborn grease stains can no longer be removed, why hold on to something that disfigures your kitchen? It’s time to throw old stuff away and replace it with light curtains letting the sun in. Fabric that matches kitchen furniture in color but introduces a new texture or pattern can significantly liven up space. Besides, curtains are very affordable.

5. Paint the Ceiling

Your walls may need a makeover as well, but you will have to move furniture and appliances around and that’s a lot of hassle. However, if you opt for painting the ceiling, you may leave furnishings as they are, just need to cover them up to prevent staining.

A new coat of white paint will surely refresh your kitchen space and fill it with more light. How about adding a pop of color to your interior? Then pick a paint that goes well with furniture, countertops, or tiles. Do you feel bold enough to experiment? Then mix several colors to get abstract patterns or take a stab at painting a fresco. There shouldn’t be a limit to your imagination!

6. Brighten It Up

Lighting can effectively transform small kitchens, affecting both its appearance and functionality. The ideal kitchen should have not too dim and not too bright lighting. Having a well-planned kitchen with proper lighting can dramatically improve the appearance of your cabinets, countertops, and décor. These effects are even more obvious in small kitchens because things are close together and small changes in lighting can produce glare or shadows. 

Like other rooms in the house, your kitchen also needs both atmospheric and task lighting. If your kitchen uses fluorescent lighting, consider hanging pendant lights that brighten your area in a more enticing color. Add incandescent lighting, which emanates a yellowish tone, under upper cabinets to shine on countertops. It’s important for small kitchen to create an illusion of more room by preventing shadows. Consider taking advantage of natural light and adding artificial light where needed. 

Choose decorative fixtures that can help accentuate your kitchen décor while adding extra light. You may also consider using modern lighting ideas where they’re installed in flooring or under base cabinets. 

Regardless of the kind of light fixtures you choose, it’s essential that you balance interior design, personal style, and lighting coverage. Also, consider using LED, as it’s cost-efficient and lasts long.