There’s a huge difference between living in a house a living in a home, but it takes work and attention to detail to turn a property into a palace. However, while we all dream of the home improvements we would make, but many are just too expensive. Although, when you know the right tricks, this doesn’t have to be the case.
Today, we’re going to explore eight of the most popular, and most ingenious ways you can improve your home for under $100. Let’s get right into it!

1. Upgrade Your Fixtures

Even making slight changes to your property, such as upgrading the taps, door handles, and the little bits and pieces around your house, the small details, can make such a huge difference to how you feel and how your property looks, and it doesn’t have to be expensive!
Upgrade Your Fixtures

2. Create More Storage Space

When you get creative with how you store things in your home, you can add a whole new dimension to your property. Whether you’re adding shelves, open-doored cabinets, and or even just collection spaces, organizing everything can make things look great. Get on Pinterest for some really creative ideas!

3. Enhance Your Lighting

Lighting is so important when it comes to presenting your property, and since we live in the 21st Century, there are endless options which are incredibly affordable, all available in plain white and yellow options, or multi-colored options, some of which you could even change depending on the time or mood you’re in!

4. Move Out the Rubbish

Having a good clean out and binning all the rubbish and unwanted belongings you don’t want anymore can bring so much light and air into your inner space, and it can help you feel much clearer and more at peace. This is such a simple task that costs nothing, but if you have larger items you want to move, you can use a professional company like Matco Movers to help!

5. Create an Outdoor Space

Your home isn’t just restricted to the four walls of your house, and whether you have a nice outdoor space at the back of your house, or even just a small space around the borders, designing and maintaining it can create a great space you and your family can enjoy. Get your green fingers ready!
Create an Outdoor Space

6. Work on Your Entrance

The first thing you and everyone sees when you enter your house, whether you’re coming home from work or just popping out to the shops, is the entrance area, so spend your $100 on jazzing up this area with a bit of furniture, pictures, and wall art. You want to love your house the moment you step in the door.

7. Go Shopping for Art

Hand in hand with the above point, whichever room you’re looking to improve, artwork of any kind can be a great choice. Look for your favorite artists, get posters, or just look for random images that you love and grab your attention every time you walk in!

8. Buy Plants

In some cases, there’s no better way to jazz up your home and breathe a breath of fresh life into your room than getting some houseplants. There are so many different types and species to choose from, all you need to do is pick the ones you love!
Buy Plants


As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can go about improving your home, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Just look for spaces that need work, and look for inexpensive yet creative options to turn that space into somewhere you love!