The aesthetic appeal of a home is extremely important. In regards to a home’s exterior, one of the things that will make the biggest impact on its visual appeal is the landscaping. Landscaping helps to create “curb appeal.” Curb appeal is actually a big component of a home’s value on the market. However, despite the importance of good landscaping, not many homeowners are well versed on how to take good care of their lawn, plants and shrubbery. With that in mind, below are seven landscaping facts to keep in mind for your home.

Landscaping Increases Resale Value

Landscaping Increases Resale Value
Often people tend to only consider the physical structure of a house in regards to what a home is worth on the market. However, in reality, there is more at play. The yard is also included when estimating a home’s value. Landscaping plays a big role here. Homes with high quality landscaping tend to sell for much more on the market. They also move off the market quicker. It’s obvious why. Landscaping is a huge part of a home buyer’s first impression.

Soil Quality Matters

A big factor in what kind of landscaping you will be able to create around your house is the quality of your soil. With high quality soil, nearly any plant can thrive. However, with poor quality soil, plants may not be able to penetrate the soil at all. They won’t be able to soak up the moisture and nutrients underneath. They will die quickly or refuse to grow at all. If you have poor quality soil, you don’t have to give up. Instead, you can replace that soil with better soil that will allow your landscaping to thrive.

Drainage Is Key

Proper landscaping doesn’t only require positioning trees, shrubbery, flowers, etc. in the right spots to create an alluring design. It also requires shaping the soil in a way that will direct rain flow properly so your plants can survive and grow normally. While water provides life to plants, too much of it is a threat. If water pools in the wrong places in your yard, this can kill your plants. Create some drainage to prevent pooling. This is especially the case if you have a lot of clay in your soil.

Some Plants Do Better with Shade

Some Plants Do Better with Shade
Every plant needs sunlight to survive. However, for certain varieties of plant life, there can be too much of a good thing. Too much direct sunlight may even burn certain kinds of plants. Those plants may thrive better with a little bit of shade. Others do best with direct sunlight. Do your research when determining where to position certain plant species in your yard in regards to shade.

Landscaping Requires Maintenance

Designing a landscape, planting, edging and completing the other work that must be done to landscape your yard is only the first stage of the process. You must also perform routine maintenance of your landscape by mowing your lawn, watering, pulling weeds, trimming branches and so forth. If you don’t, your plants will become overgrown and ruin the manicured look of your yard. Consider hiring a company to perform landscape maintenance for you if you don’t have the time required. If you live near Charlotte, look in the phone book for landscaping Charlotte NC area companies.

Landscaping Can Get Expensive

Summerhouse in the garden with chairs
One thing you need to consider is that high level landscaping does not come cheap. It can get pretty expensive. Keep this in mind when planning the design of your landscape. It’s best to create a budget and try to stay within it. This way, you won’t pay more for your landscaping than it’s actually worth to you and your family. Do a decent amount of research into all the costs involved.

Color Is an Important Component

It’s not just the size and shape of the trees, shrubbery and other plants you implement in your landscaping that matter. Color is also a hugely important aesthetic component. Choosing the right colors can really make your landscaping pop to anyone viewing it. Flowers, for example, come in a wide array of different colors and shades. Choose colorful flowers that bloom in different seasons so your landscaping always has an attractive pop of color.