The main room in every house is a place that is used for family and visitors. This room is the area that sets the tone for the whole house. It shows the homeowners personality and their style. Warm rooms make the room feel cozy and informal which welcomes guests. Some main rooms are dressed up with a more formal feel to create a different atmosphere. Sprucing up these spaces is something that happens from time to time and this can be done through pillows, paint, rugs, and even small accents. There are many options to consider when doing a change in a room.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Adding accents to a room can be an easy way to spruce up space. AN easy way to make a statement is by changing the throw pillows on the furniture in the space. Blankets of different textures can add interest as well. Bold colours can be brought into space with blankets and pillows and it is easy to change them out as tastes change.

Re-arrange Furniture

A quick and easy way to spruce up the main room space is to rethink the layout of the furniture. Simply rearranging the way things are put in the room is an easy way to revamp the space. Changing the foot traffic path throughout the space makes the viewpoint different and can bring new life to the area. Think about the furniture available and use it in a different way.

Change up Paint colour

Paint colour makes a large statement in a room. Bright colours catch attention and create interest. For fast and easy spruce up, paint a wall a different colour or even all the walls. colour is a quick way to change the lookup. There are many accent colours to create a large statement. If neutral is the best option in the room, choose a neutral with a bit of another colour mixed in. This helps warms up space.

Add Classic Wall Décor

Decorating the walls of the room can create a new look. Simplicity is best and it is interesting when a little bit of personalization is added. Pictures are always a great way to add interest in a living space. A forrest canvas with family names is a classic addition to any décor. Dress up the walls with artwork to keep things interesting.

Statement Accent Rug

A cute and quick way to change up space is to think about the floor. Add a fun coloured rug or even a fun pattern. This will instantly draw the eye to the change and it does not take up any extra space in order to do this. The options are endless with a rug and it is easy to correlate the colours to the wall or throw pillows. Choose a fun textured floor rug to spruce up the room.

Repurpose Furniture From Other Spaces

Purchasing new furniture is a known way to change and freshen up a room. Think about other furniture in the home before purchasing other items. Reusing pieces from other rooms in the space may change the function of the piece. It may work better in the space and create a whole new look to the room. Repurpose or refinish tired pieces in the home and give them new life.

Place Small Accents in Room

Small accent pieces are always great additions to space. Placing the items in neat places around the room create an intriguing space. Choose coordinating colours when thinking about accents for the room. Small décor pieces are an inexpensive way to bring new life into a room. Small trinkets and knickknacks can be placed to help dress up the area. Think about textures and patterns that will change up the area.

Rethink Storage Spaces

Storage spaces are something that is usually overlooked. Many storage bins are available that can dress up space. Open storage can make a great place to spruce up space. Stack books by colour or by size for visual interest. Use bright coloured bins or baskets to brighten up the area or choose the opposite with neutral baskets. There are many options and choices.

From time to time changing up a room is something that happens. There are multiple options in doing so for any budget. Whether it be something as simple as placing new pillows in the space to painting the room, sprucing up the space is easy. With a little bit of planning and a few minor changes, the cosmetics of the space can be manipulated. Colour is important to think about when changing things up and so texture. The options are endless to think about when wanting to make a change.